Skyrim Mod Ruthlessly Mocks Fallout 76

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Right from the time Bethesda announced Fallout 76 and confirmed that the game would be always-online and wouldn't feature NPCs, it was divisive. It was a major departure from the game's traditional single-player, NPC-focused experience and many were not on-board with the change. In fact, some are that unhappy with the change that it has become the subject of a funny Skyrim mod.

The Skyrim mod in question is called Skyrim 76 and it works with Skyrim Special Edition. The Fallout 76-inspired mod was created by InfernoPlus who describes the content as "A comedy quest mod that makes Skyrim more like Fallout 76." The content is estimated to add around two hours of content to the game, including "NPCReplace," which replaces all of Skyrim's NPCs with generic characters instead.

The NPC is "bad at everything" except for one-handing, explains InfernoPlus in a YouTube video, and their racial bonus is that they don't have a racial bonus. With this mod, the NPC also becomes a playable race that you can select from the character creator if you feel inclined.

That's not all, as Skyrim 76 even adds some new story content for players to enjoy ("enjoy" is a term used loosely here). One quest is "The Loneliest Number" in which players can journey all over Skyrim's map in search of players to team up with. This is likely in reference to Fallout 76's small server sizes, as just over two dozen players are supported by the game's servers. It's not large enough to be a proper MMO and, as some players have complained, this makes the online shooter feel quite lonely.

Other features of the Skyrim 76 mod include a quest that tasks players with defeating more than 350 wolves. It seems that InfernoPlus isn't too pleased with the Fallout 76 grind and how the game gets players to complete menial tasks for resources. One of the quests to get free Atoms (the game's premium currency), for example, includes scrapping objects for resources 7,600 times.

InfernoPlus has even created a digital version of Todd Howard who says "it just works" (as an audio file of the real Todd Howard's voice) when players interact with him. This isn't the first time fans have poked fun at the game developer, with people previously editing Todd Howard's Wikipedia pages to add useless information, but the negative reception to Fallout 76 has only intensified that.

Source: YouTube, NexusMods

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