Skyrim Player Sets 'World Record' for Getting Married


A Skyrim player proves it's still possible to accomplish crazy feats five years after the release of the original game, by getting hitched in record fashion.

The recent release of Skyrim: Special Edition on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC is no doubt introducing plenty of new players to the fifth edition of The Elder Scrolls series. At the same time, this is a game that has been out since 2011 and it's been put through its paces by more than 20 million fans and counting.

One would think with such a large following, it'd be next to impossible for a player to accomplish something in Skyrim for the first time ever, but that's exactly what speed runner 5exual_Tyrannosaurus managed to do twice in one week.

For his first trick, the Twitch streamer was able to get his character married in world record time. Tyrannosaurus was able to use a glitch to get hitched to Marcurio of Riften just three minutes and 37 seconds after starting a new game.


Kotaku explains that the streamer is able to permanently run at a full sprint by manipulating the game file with quicksave and quickload. There are plenty of other glitches used in Skyrim by the top speedrunners, of course, some of which can be viewed in another video 5exual_Tyrannosaurus uploaded this week. The streamer also now holds the world record for completing Skyrim's story, needing just 33 minutes and 6 seconds to accomplish the task.


For those who prefer to play at a more leisurely pace, Skyrim: Special Edition is offering plenty of opportunities for longtime fans to get creative, like the gamer who managed to create a battle between 300 giants and 100 dragons. The ability to install Skyrim mods on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is also providing console gamers with some new experiences, although it appears that Xbox fans have an advantage over their PlayStation 4 counterparts.

It's worth noting that the release hasn't been entirely positive, however, with some gamers complaining about audio issues and others noting that console performance is far below what the original game is capable of on PC. Some longtime fans are also miffed that console save files for Skyrim: Legendary Edition on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 cannot transfer over to the Special Edition.

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Skyrim: Special Edition is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The title may also be available for the Nintendo Switch in 2017 but nothing has been confirmed.

Source: Kotaku

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