'Skyrim' Map Contains All Notable Locations [Updated]

Skyrim Map Contains All Notable Locations

[Update: Check out the free Skyrim Official World Interactive Map app for iOS here!]

Alright, we're getting just about as close as we'd like to video game worlds resembling that of our own lives in size and scope. Trying to find your way across a city or neighborhood is hard enough without dragons and draugrs stalking you at every turn, but that's been the challenge posed to players of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for weeks now. Thankfully, some industrious fans have created a poster-sized map of the province of Skyrim, with all important locales clearly marked, and it's yours for the printing.

In case you're thinking that the previous game world maps have given you an accurate idea of just how many places and quests there are to be found, then clearly you haven't spent that much time within the world of Bethesda's latest release. The countrysides of Skyrim are certainly beautiful enough to simply stare at for hours on end,  but for those of you in a hurry, or merely trying to find one particular area, your troubles are over.

The map comes courtesy of GameBanshee, who have compiled the hundreds of unique locations, towns and dungeons that can be explored in the vast province of Skyrim. All it takes is one glance to realize that regardless of how close you think you are to completing the game's main quest, this world is far richer than a single playthrough can realize.

Skyrim Map All Locations

The sheer scale of the map has to be seen to be appreciated, so be sure to head over to their site if you've got one or two (or a thousand) locations that have been alluding your clairvoyance spell. And in case you have a giant wall in need of some productivity, there is also a massive 9-page version of the map to download, so if you have any connections with printing houses, please let us know. Either way, there are sure to be a few Skyrim fans getting the ultimate location guide as a stocking stuffer.

It's mind-blowing to actually see all of the locations laid out at once, and that's not even including the possibility of the game including both Morrowwind and Cyrodiil. The size and scale of Bethesda's world was never in question, but the sheer number of important points and natural formations is a testament to just how much work was done. The game's systems may not be technically perfect, but you can't deduct points from the game world itself.

How much of the world of Skyrim have you personally explored? Does seeing just how large the province is encourage you to explore it even further, or is there such a thing as too many sidequests? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is available now for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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Source: GameBanshee (via Joystiq)

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