It is well known that The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is no stranger to mods from its faithful gaming community. One of the new and upcoming mods for the game goes under the title of Lordbound, and the developers behind the mod have released a new trailer showcasing the environment of Druadach Valley, a region between High Rock and Skyrim.

Lordbound is described as “a DLC-sized expansion mod for Skyrim, taking place in a dense new region known as the Druadach Valley. The mod features over 30+ hours of gameplay through new quests, dungeons, and locations for you to enjoy.”

In the trailer, Lordbound flashes from scene to scene, showing off the beauty of Druadach Valley. It highlights everything from underground Dwemer ruins, frozen shrines, and a beautiful lake with a bridge to dark skies and an all-mighty fortress. For gamers interested in the stunning expansion, it can be found on ModDB under Lordbound. Check out the environment showcase here:

While Lordbound has a lot to offer for Skyrim, the game itself is no stranger to mods. The community has developed a lot of content for the game, including a version of the Dark Knight.  Dubbed “The Batman in Skyrim,” this mod adds a lot of content related to the Caped Crusader (not, however, matching Lordbound in size.) Perhaps it’ll be possible to explore Druadach Valley utilizing the Batcave as a base of operations.

While Lordbound doesn’t yet have a release date, Skyrim – with or without mods – still has a lot of exploration options. Some may still enjoy the base game or one of its expansions, while some may want to see what Skyrim can handle as far as mods go. For a good measure of modded chaos, some gamers may desire to explore Druadach Valley as Batman with a BB-8 companion. Those modders will have to wait, however, but once Lordbound launches, it’ll be interesting to see how well it runs.

Lordbound is set to release for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim sometime in 2018. Skyrim is available now for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.