Skyrim Kinect Update DLC News Tomorrow

What was only once believed to be a pipe dream explored by clever hackers is finally coming to fruition tomorrow, as Skyrim is getting an update that allows players to complete a wide variety of moves using Kinect. First teased by Bethesda during a GDC panel, this Kinect support for Skyrim has been highly anticipated.

To help usher Skyrim players, both new and old, into the world of Kinect voice commands Bethesda has released a comprehensive list of all 200 commands that will be available. Some are just simpler ways of executing a menu selection, like equipping weapons or using a dragon shout, while others are features that were previously unavailable in the game.

If they feel inclined, players can even use the dragon language for the shout and determine which of the three levels of intensity they want. For example, if a player just says Unrelenting Force they will use the highest unlocked level of the ability, but if they say Fus Ro Dah (rather than just Fus) they will always use the third level of the ability.

Kinect voice commands might seem like a gimmick at first, but its implementation in Mass Effect 3 has opened gamers’ eyes to the many possibilities.

Along with rolling out the new Kinect update for the Xbox 360 tomorrow, Bethesda is also promising more information about the game’s first DLC package — which may or may not be titled Dawnguard. It’s been nearly five months since the release of Skyrim, and while we’ve seen a wealth of new updates and features not much mention has been made about DLC.

Every major Bethesda title gets a healthy offering of DLC post-release, and with Skyrim being one of the most successful of those Bethesda games it makes sense that the fans are getting a bit antsy. But with some flashy new features to play around with — that is, if you have a Kinect — perhaps it’s the perfect opportunity to start bringing the fans back in.

Which are you more excited for: news about Skyrim DLC or this Kinect voice command update? Is being able to actually shout the ‘dragon shouts’ enough of a reason to return to Skyrim?

Source: Bethesda Blog