Massive 'Skyrim' Mod Adds 25 Hours of Content


Alexander J. Velicky certainly isn’t the first Skyrim fan to spend a year or more of his time in Tamriel, but he may just be the most ambitious. Following the oldest adage in video game recruitment, the 19-year-old Idaho native recently finished up work on ‘Falskaar,’ an extensive story-based modification intended to land him a job with series creator Bethesda.

A veteran of countless successful mod teams, Velicky won GamingNexus’ Mod of the Month competition on two separate occasions before finally turning his attentions to the Falskaar project. Having eschewed further education and a chance at a steady income, Velicky set about crafting his interactive C.V. on a full-time basis, doing so with the total blessing of his friends and family.

In October of last year, the fledgling designer took to the Internet to try to raise enough cash to visit Bethesda’s Maryland base in person. When the fundraiser fell well short of its projected $3500 target, Velicky refocused his efforts on Falskaar, eventually completing the mod some 9 months later.

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Boasting 25 hours of fresh content, Falskaar introduces an ancient Nordic isle full of quests, characters, lore and locales. Accessed via a hidden mainland portal, Falskaar’s story concerns the coming of ‘The Traveller’, a mysterious figure foretelling death and destruction.

With 26 quests to crack, including a 9-part main adventure, Dovakhin’s latest escapade offers up more content than your average full price retail title. New items include original books, recipes, weapons and armor, as well as number of unique reskins and texture packs. ‘Fus Ro Dah’ even receives some company in the form of a brand new shout command, whilst two original incantations also join Skyrim’s book of spells.

Working with more than a 100 individual contributors, Velicky was able to provide his extensive cast of characters with individual voices. 29 professional and semi-professional speakers lined up to lend their talents to the project, breathing life into well over 10,000 lines of lore-rich dialogue. What’s more, the game also features 14 brand-new and original compositions from musician Adam Khuevrr, as well a selection of Falskaar-centric bard songs.

Players can pick up Alexander Velicky’s Falskaar right now, provided they own an up-to-date copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PC (version and higher). Falskaar does not require any Skyrim DLC or pre-existant mods to function. The mod is open to players of all experience levels.

So, are mods still the best way to get into the games industry? Do you think 2,000 hours of unpaid work really necessary to land a job? Let us know in the comments below.


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Source: PC Gamer

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