'Skyrim' Dragon Shout App Just Screams Helpful

Skyrim Dragon Shout Kinect Integration Launching April 23rd

Video games are getting more and more complicated as the technology to hold behemoth sized content continues to grow. Those who are overwhelmed (or just lazy) look to FAQS and guides for aid. Lately, simple written guides aren’t enough and now gamers look to interactive apps that allow them to search, log and access data quickly and efficiently. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim now appropriately has one of those apps.

The Dragon Shout app is comparable to the Batman: Arkham City Official Map app, which was an interactive map that gave tips to Riddler challenge and trophy locations -- extremely helpful, as there was an inordinate amount of them. One major difference is the Dragon Shout app is more customizable; allowing players to drop map markers and create journal entries about locations. Users can even share tips with friends and the Dragon Shout community, as the app is touting real time chat.

The Dragon Shout app is unofficial and not affiliated with or endorsed by Bethesda. Whether that will attest to its quality is unsure. The release date is indefinite, but should be right around the corner if the “Coming Soon!” sprinkled around the developer's homepage is to be believed.

Using keen investigative skills, I stumbled upon their Twitter, which filled in some of the gaps in the app's release process. Seems the designers ran into some trouble getting permission to use Skyrim’s map. They later tweeted that they commissioned someone to create a custom map, different from the original. Now they are just waiting for Apple to approve the app which they state is “Hopefully this week.” You can watch the progress on their official Twitter. Those looking for a preview of the app in action, check out this short vid.

Dragon Shout should make the infinite content in Skyrim more manageable, but with rumors of sizable expansions in the future, the developers are going to have their work cut out for them with future updates.

Dragon Shout will be released for the iPhone and iPad, um, soon.


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