Skyrim Mod Mocks Bethesda for Doom Login Issues

Skyrim login mod

A new The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim mod mocks Bethesda over the classic Doom login issues. Bethesda has been the subject of many memes and jokes after Nintendo Switch players tried to play the classic Doom games and found that the game would ask them to log into their accounts before playing, although the titles don't have any online modes that may need an Internet connection.

Skyrim modder d3sim8 has created the "Immersive Experience" for Skyrim Special Edition. The mod is a very small one as it changes the beginning scene where the player character wakes up on a cart. That's where the protagonist's adventure ends, however, as a pop up then tells players that "a account is required to play this title. Please connect to the Internet to continue." Players can click the "ok" button and the game will try to "connect" again but after trying five times to connect, it will kick players back the main menu, leaving them unable to play Skyrim and be the Dragonborn.

The connection will always fail with the mod installed which is why its creator suggests only using it on a new game. Bethesda said that it will fix the classic Doom login issue but there's no fix for the connection issues in the Skyrim mod, making this just a bit of fun.

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However, while the Skyrim mod is just for laughs, it does show the creativity of the Skyrim community. Eight years after the game was released, Skyrim players are still creating silly and entertaining mod such as this mod that makes child NPCs playable.

One Skyrim modder also released a Starbucks cup mod, making fun of Game of Thrones after an episode of the HBO drama had a coffee cup in one scene. Skyrim is a great place to have a laugh or to recreate popular memes about Bethesda, one of the most popular TV shows, or something else.

The Skyrim mod also shows that fans of Bethesda's games have a brilliant sense of humor. Games published and released by Bethesda are notorious for having bugs and issues, with Fallout 76's technical issues and the bugs in new release Wolfenstein: Youngblood being just a small part of this. However, fans seem to accept getting past these bugs and making jokes about them as part of the fun of playing Bethesda games.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is out now for Switch, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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Source: NexusMods

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