We’re deep into our review for Dawnguard – the first (and formidable) expansion for the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – and there’s no mistaking the central focus of Bethesda’s DLC: the immortal life and times of the blood-drinking undead.

Dawnguard’s epic questline introduces players to the aspirations of the vampire lord Harkon, a centuries-old creature intent on harnessing an Elder Scroll and bending the sun to his will. Players, of course, can join up with the titular vampire hunting outfit, The Dawnguard, and stamp out this menacing threat from the world of Tamriel. But with the tantalizing perks of crossing over to other side – the abilities and powers of a vampire lord, the status as a paragon among the resurging deadly race – many will find the venture too alluring to brush aside.

That being the case, we’ve detailed our five strongest impressions from our playthrough of Dawnguard’s vampire questline. Consider them the hors d’oeuvres of a blood-soaked, 15-hour Skyrim feast.

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