Xbox 360 players have been enjoying the Skyrim DLC add-on “Dawnguard” for over a month now – as a result of a Microsoft timed-exclusive on the title’s first two post-release expansions. While that second piece of DLC still waits to be announced, plenty of PS3 and PC gamers are clambering to get their hands on “Dawnguard” (read our review) – with no firm timeframe as to when the add-on will appear on a non-Microsoft system.

Just about the time that some gamers were beginning to lose hope (or, possibly, interest) in continuing their Skyrim adventures on PS3 and PC, it sounds as though Bethesda is getting close to making an official announcement.

Last week, Pete Hines, a Bethesda marketing executive, angered Elder Scrolls fans with an overly-cryptic response to questions about a PS3 and PC “Dawnguard” timeline – since Microsoft’s 30 day timed exclusivity was about to expire:

“We have not announced Dawnguard for any other platform, nor given a timeline for any such news.”

Understandably, fans chided Hines for his comments – since many titles, like Modern Warfare 3, are significantly more forthcoming about their DLC launches (considering the add-ons adhere to a much tighter release schedule).

In an attempt to placate eager fans, Hines followed-up with three increasingly revealing Tweets:

“I was simply stating that expecting/demanding something today is unfounded. Not that news is never coming.”

“Just sit tight. We’ll have info soon.”

“Nothing has been said/announced about it. We should have info later this week.”

Many fans had been expecting Bethesda to announce the add-on for PS3 and PC prior to the expiration of the “Dawnguard” timed exclusivity – so that the DLC could be released right after the required 30 days were up. Obviously, the developer missed that somewhat optimistic window – and, at this point, it’s still unclear when the content will be arriving on non-Microsoft systems. Bethesda hasn’t even confirmed that the “Dawnguard” content is en route for PS3 and PC – though it’d be a major shock if there weren’t plans already in the works (especially after Hines’ “later this week” comment).

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Ultimately, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to most PS3 and PC players that the DLC wasn’t immediately ready for release after the exclusivity expired. Not only did the “Dawnguard” DLC on Xbox 360 suffer from a number of bugs that had to be addressed, Skyrim on PS3 and PC was also problematic at launch. PS3 players had an especially frustrating time with early versions of the title, so it’s likely that Bethesda will a) attempt to hammer out Xbox 360 bugs and b) ensure that Dawnguard won’t negatively impact PS3 and PC players – before they announce a timeframe.

That said, when the “info” is finally revealed later this week, expect a release date that doesn’t land too far from the announcement.

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Source: Paul Hines [via CVG]