It looks like Bethesda has accidentally been giving some Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim modders a run for their money — at least until a recent Dawnguard patch was released, which fixed several bugs, not the least of which spawned naked NPCs out of thin air. Like all good things, this interesting anomaly has come to an end — and, strangely enough, it only affected French, Italian, German and Spanish versions of the well-received DLC.

Before anyone gets too excited and runs off to image search the bug in question, it should be noted that it only caused very specific characters (guards and vampires are among the few) to appear without clothes. Oh, and the NPCs are still wearing undergarments when they appear — just no armor to speak of. It turns out the bug was caused by a version mismatch with a previous update, and has now been fixed for the affected regions. Phew!

As far as Skyrim bugs go, however, folks playing since its release last November will recall experiencing many throughout their time in the northern province of Tamriel — some of them game-breaking. While many bugs were minor, such as dragons flying through walls and giants pummeling players hundreds of feet in the air, there were a select few that stopped the game dead in its tracks.

Skyrim Flying Horse Bug

"I don't remember parking my horse here..."

One of the best examples for the latter occurs directly in the middle of a quest, where dialogue with a key character contains no audio, skips lines of important plot development, and even stops the quest cold. Before its fix, PC players were a bit more fortunate with this particular bug, as in-game console commands can be used to bypass quest markers and continue.

Fortunately, the recent cheeky NPCs have not hindered gameplay for anyone, that we know of — only turning a few curious heads. While video game puritans and concerned parents alike can relax that no suggestively textured skin was showing, some players may now be wondering what might be coded underneath characters’ tattered undergarments — and for that, we leave the curious to their own devices.

Ranters: what are your most memorable bug-related experiences in Skyrim? Dawnguard? Maybe just Tamriel in general? As for me, I still have a saved state on my PC version, wherein a quest-essential (immortal) NPC is chasing and attacking a little girl inside the Sleeping Giant Inn at Riverwood. Yikes!

Dawnguard is the first DLC to be released for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, and features a multitude of disrobed characters new features worthy of any Dovahkiin.

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Source: VG247