Preview the 'Skyrim' Creation Kit in New Video

Skyrim Creation Kit Preview Video

Though the Skyrim Creation Kit didn't make its promised launch of some time before the end of January, Bethesda Softworks still vows that it is right around the corner. Fans worldwide have been clamoring for this Creation Kit for some time, and now a new preview trailer for it shows why.

Essentially, with the Creation Kit Bethesda has provided gamers with many of the tools that they had at their fingertips when initially developing Skyrim. Seasoned veterans of the Bethesda mod community will find a lot of similarities between Skyrim's Creation Kit and past iterations, but gamers who are new to the experience will have plenty of tools to assist them along the way.

That assistance comes in the form of a handy Wiki, the development team put together that details all facets of the Creation Kit including how to use the new scene editor. It's not something completely unheard of, but using the scene editor players will be able to script dialogue between NPCs in order to create their own storylines.

And then, when the final product comes together, the new Steam Workshop integration will allow players to post their mods or access new mods through a handy user interface. Simply select a mod as a favorite, and every time Skyrim loads up, that mod will be updated.

Check out the preview trailer below:


While there's no replacement for hand crafted DLC from Bethesda, being able to create their own experiences has long been desired by fans of the Elder Scrolls series. With this new Creation Kit at their finger tips, gamers and modders alike will be able to take their Skyrim experience, along with other's Skyrim experience, to the next level.

But, of course, Bethesda is still shying away from giving an official release date for this kit, and won't stop giving themselves deadlines that they inevitably fail to meet. Based on the trailer it's easy to see that a lot went into this Creation Kit, both on the software side and the instructional side, but at some point gamers are going to get tired of waiting.

Is it about time Bethesda stops making promises and finally delivers that Creation Kit? How much longer to plan on staying in the world of Skyrim?



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