Skyrim Creation Kit Proves Incredibly Popular in Its First Week

Skyrim Creation Kit Preview Video

Last week saw a series of very positive happenings for both the developers behind The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and for the fans who spend countless hours playing it. It began last Tuesday when Bethesda officially released the Skyrim Creation Kit for PC modders to enjoy via Steam, and it was followed up a few days later by Bethesda's Todd Howard showcasing a sizzle reel of in-game creations (including Dragon Mounts) the team made for fun after finishing work on Skyrim.

With the modding tools now freely available and with some amazing examples to work from, the northern lands of Skyrim were about to get a lot bigger and a lot more complex. How fitting then was it that the day we saw this sizzle reel, Bethesda dominated the 15th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards, taking home a pile of major wins including Game of the Year for Skyrim. Now, time for some more good news!

With the Skyrim Creation Kit releasing a week ago today, Bethesda is proud to announce that over 2,500 mods have already been created, earning more than 2 million downloads. And this is just the beginning - imagine what will happen a few months ago when designers master the Skyrim Creation Kit and have the development time to totally revamp the game or better yet, start releasing total conversions.

The creation kit and community work does so much for each Elder Scrolls title and it's a shame PS3 and Xbox 360 players cannot enjoy what ultimately is the best experience of the game. Don't like the menus, textures or certain NPCs? Want a weapon set to look different, a new house on top of a certain mountain or to ride a sabre cat? You can do all of that on the PC version of the game and so much more.

With the modding numbers, Bethesda also reiterated some other interesting stats:

  • Average PC players has played Skyrim for 75 hours.
  • Skyrim is the fastest selling Steam game ever.

If you want to check the mods out or download the Skyrim Creation Kit to play with, head over to Some of the top rated ones from the first week include faster horses, improved blood textures, dragon bone weapon pack and the Midas Magic pack which adds over 60 new spells to the game.

We're still waiting on fans or Bethesda to rebuild Morrowind or Cyrodiil since they’re in the game already.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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