‘Skylanders SuperChargers’ Features Vehicles in Reveal Trailer

By | 1 year ago 

As one of Activision’s most popular franchises, Skylanders has set itself up as the premiere title in the toys-to-life genre. Since the series kickstarted the popularity of scannable action figures, it’s no surprise that the property has gone on to receive an installment every single year. As fans could have guessed by this obvious trend, that will once again be the case in 2015.

After several leaks confirmed the main premise behind the game, Activision has officially revealed that Skylanders SuperChargers will be arriving on a number of platforms later this September – with the major twist being that it will support a medley of vehicles.

The trailer that accompanied the official press release from Activision features a number of cool tricks done by real stunt professionals, with a goofy twist being the involvement of a new Skylanders character named Spitfire getting in on the action in a noticeably more extreme way. The ending then shows off some gameplay of the new title, and confirms that more than just land vehicles will be available for use within the game.

While rocket cars and the like are sure to delight users with a need for speed, there will also be land and water-based vehicles. Ranging from a helicopter, to a boat, and even a fish-shaped submarine, there doesn’t appear to be any shortage of added transportation to collect and bring into the game.

Skylander SuperChargers Pack

The mandatory starter pack for SuperChargers will retail for $74.99 USD and include:

  • Two new Skylanders characters – Spitfire and Super Shot Stealth Elf.
  • A first-of-its kind Skylanders vehicle – Hot Streak.
  • A newly designed Portal of Power.
  • A copy of Skylanders SuperChargers.

The narrative featured in Skylanders SuperChargers will once again be focussed on stopping Kaos as his machine, aptly titled the “Doomstation of Ultimate Doomstruction,” literally threatens to eat the sky. As is evident by the trailer, gamers can also mix and match characters with different vehicles in order to get different results. This, admittedly, sounds very similar to the rebuildable vehicles in LEGO Dimensions, but it should be simpler than stopping and physically shifting pieces of the automobile brick by brick.

All 300+ Skylanders toys will be compatible with the new game, which is something that fans of the series have come to expect with each new iteration. That being said, it’s still a very nice touch to ensure that the collections that have been built up by avid fans won’t go to waste just because vehicles have joined the fray. In total, consumers will be able to add 20 new Skylanders character figures and 20 various vehicle toys to their collection with the arrival of this game, so loyal gamers should start saving up now if they plan on getting them all.

What do you think of the new Skylanders? Were vehicles a smart addition? Get at us in the comments!

Skylanders SuperChargers will arrive for Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Wii U, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and iPad on September 20, 2015.