GR Pick: ‘Skyfall’ Train Sequence Recreated in ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’

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In the late 19th century Oscar Wilde wrote, “Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.” He was right, but what he could not have expected was that art would become so cyclical that eventually it would imitate itself.

Case in point: the above video, which features a recreation of the thrilling train sequence from Skyfall done up using Grand Theft Auto 5. It’s an impressive demonstration, to say the least, and one that we imagine took a lot of patience and timing to get right.

As you can see, the reenactment actually uses Grand Theft Auto Online not the single player element from GTA 5, which adds another layer of randomization to the proceedings.

First, several players had to create characters that looked like those in James Bond’s latest adventure — which is no easy task given the way character creation works — and then try to capture a select set of moments at the right time. Then comes the actual reenacting of the scene, and getting the right shots. Package it all together and you get the above video.

The purpose of said video was as part of a weekly challenge for the r/GTAA subreddit, which asked to recreate a movie scene using Grand Theft Auto. This particular submission caught steam and the rest was history.

Skyfall Train Grand Theft Auto 5 Reenactment

Strangely, with all of the James Bond tie-ins that have released over the years, there was not a major console release for Skyfall. There was a Skyfall mission in 007 Legends, which coincidentally incorporated the same train sequence, but not a full tie-in. It’s probably for the best, since a lot of James Bond games have been poorly received.

While it took some time for Grand Theft Auto Online to catch on, it appears that those willing to make through the launch-month problems have been justly rewarded on the other side. Thus far, Rockstar has bolstered their online experience with new modes, some early customization tools, and the promise of continued support. We can only imagine what gamers would be able to come up with if GTA 5 was available on PC.

What do you think of this Skyfall re-enactment using Grand Theft Auto 5? Would you like to see more things like this?

Source: YouTube