The TES Renewal Project showcases the hard work the volunteers have done in just two months, bringing the revamped world of Skyblivion tantalizingly close.

Good news for Elder Scrolls fans today, as the TES Renewal Project has released a new trailer for Skyblivion. The all-volunteer team has been working hard to port Oblivion, the fourth installment of Bethesda’s famous series, into the engine of Skyrim. Among the many new features are an increased number of weapon sets, improved 3D environmental assets, and a revamped, more intuitive UI.

The TES Renewal Project Started in 2013 and aims to port Morrowind and Oblivion – released in 2002 and 2006, respectively – into the Creation engine used in 2011’s Skyrim. As developer Bethesda made quite a few technological leaps in the intervening years, this means that all the building blocks of each game need to be recreated in the new engine. Though both projects are technically ports, in reality they are faithful recreations of these two classic games.

As Skyblivion is a volunteer project, progress hasn’t always been smooth and sometimes it has been several months between updates. However, thanks to the media attention the last Skyblivion trailer received just two months ago, the TES Renewal Project has had more volunteers report in than ever before and progress has accelerated accordingly. To see a preview, check out the new trailer below.

The main work so far has been on making the province of Cyrodiil come alive, and as it’s looking now the 22 square miles of the Oblivion map should be done in the foreseeable future: the area has been completely mapped under its skin, so to speak, and now texture and 3D artists are ready to lay their work over this mesh. Besides the outside areas of the province, other members of the Skyblivion team have been working hard on laying the groundwork on all indoor areas; the team hopes to be filling in details and adding clutter soon.

Besides looking pretty, Skyblivion will also have all the original quests from Oblivion, however the team is also cleaning them up as they put them into their mod. This battle against Bethesda’s bugs is arguably the most impressive, as even the original dev team sometimes seemed stumped why a certain quest giver decided to launch herself through the roof or a tavern drunk sat in the floor while he complained about Dark Elves.

All in all, this new Skyblivion update is maybe the most impressive gamers have seen so far: progress has sped up even more than the volunteers seem to have expected and they have made truly impressive strides toward their highly ambitious goal. Sorrowfully enough there still is no set Skyblivion release date, but for those who think this project deserves to see the light of day sooner rather than later, here is where they can volunteer for the TES Renewal Project.