Skullcandy SLYR Xbox One Headset Review

By | 2 years ago 

At launch, the Xbox One presented very few options when it came to chat and audio headsets. Now, more than a year after release, there are dozens of headset options available, charting all over the pricing spectrum.

Skull Candy’s SLYR Xbox One headset is a higher end model that looks to deliver consistent audio quality, versatile functionality, and a comfortable feel. It may be a little steep for some players’ needs, but audio aficionados may want to give this one a look.

The design of the SLYR Xbox One matches perfectly with Microsoft’s current-gen console, sporting a sleek black outers shell and bright green interior and ear cups. This is a headset that wants to make a statement and it certainly does.

The one drawback to that is the SLYR’s feel a little cheaply made. The chassis of the headset has that distinctly plastic feel that gives the impression the SLYR’s are flimsy and less solid. For the price, some gamers are going to expect something that feels a little more substantial and not like it might break if sat on.

However, that also makes for a very light headset – a key for any extended play session. The SLYR Xbox One headset is extremely comfortable, with a cushion across the band and extremely soft, foam ear cups. Even some of the most comfortable, high-end headsets can put some strain on the ears, but thus far the SLYR’s have caused little issue.

SLYR Xbox One - Action Shot

The fabric that encases the ear cups also serves a second function, creating a perfect seal between gamers’ ears and the outside world. As a result, the SLYR Xbox One headset keeps outside noise to a minimum. These aren’t noise cancelling headphones, mind you, but they do well to ensure players are focused on their chat or game audio (or both) and not constantly adjusting the audio mix.

However, those who want to tweak can do so with ease. Rather than use the default Xbox One chat adapter, the SLYR headset comes with its own, Skullcandy version. With that, comes an improved set of audio mix settings so players can fine-tune their experience. The options for muting, raising/lowering volume, and prioritizing chat or game audio are still there, but the SLYR’s do a better job delivering quality audio on both fronts, chat and game.

Our experience with the headset has shown little issue with game or chat audio quality. Both are crisp and clear, and suitable enough for the average gamers’ needs. It’s by no means a pristine presentation or at the level of a Surround Sound headset, but still solid for the price point. And if $99 sounds too steep, the SLYR brand does have cheaper models available.

SLYR Xbox One Headset Adapter

At the end of the day the SLYR Xbox One headset is a fine option for players looking for more than the average chat and game audio headset. It may not have the feel of a quality headset at a glance, but wearing the SLYRs quickly changes those preconceived notions. Pop the headsets on and players will see that the audio quality exceeds expectations with a dynamic mix that packs impressive bass and is incredibly clear. There isn’t much more to say than that; the SLYR Xbox One headset makes a solid play for gamers’ attention.

The SLYR Xbox One Headset is available now for $99.99 at