We already know that Ubisoft has plans to support the Nintendo Switch — before the console even launched, the studio promised that it would field a “wide variety” of games for the system. However, there’s now word that the upcoming Skull and Bones likely won’t make its way to the platform.

It seems that the sticking point might be a question of graphical fidelity, as the game’s creative director Justin Farren indicated that the Switch might not be able to produce the visuals the team are putting together for Skull and Bones. “Our world is pretty rich in terms of the world that we’re bringing to life,” said the developer.

However, Farren didn’t write off the idea of a Switch port entirely. He did mention that the team hasn’t really discussed the prospect, and that if it came to fruition, that version of the game would definitely support some of the more unique features of the hardware.

The Switch has already enjoyed tremendous success in its first few months on the market, and demand is still sufficiently high that it’s all but impossible to simply walk into a store and pick up a system. However, a lack of third-party support when it comes to major multi-platform titles could be an issue in the long run.

It was recently confirmed that Activision won’t be bringing Call of Duty: WW2 to the console, and that’s not the only high-profile franchise that’s dodging the platform. Nintendo’s first-party output is obviously the biggest draw for many fans, but third-party support is important, too.

That being said, it’s entirely possible that Ubisoft’s decision not to port Skull and Bones to the Switch could be a technical issue. The game has a major focus on online play, and we recently learned that the studio was having trouble developing a Switch port of Steep due to the game’s online functionality.

Skull and Bones is scheduled to launch in 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: GameSpot