Skull and Bones E3 Cinematic Trailer


Skull and Bones has some catching up to do after Sea of Thieves' big head start in the pirate marketplace, but that didn't stop Ubisoft from putting a big spotlight on the game during its E3 2018 press conference. In addition to an extensive look at gameplay footage, there was also a very well executed cinematic trailer.

The cinematic trailer does a solid job of introducing audiences to the world of Skull and Bones. There are some serious dangers and opportunities in the open seas in this game and it will be up to players to profit as much as possible without ending up on the bottom of the ocean themselves.

Here's a look at the official description and trailer...

"Sail the high seas of Skull and Bones, an online naval open world game set during the Golden Age of Piracy in the exotic and untamed frontier of the Indian Ocean."

The cinematic trailer is definitely impressive and the gameplay footage suggests that the game has some serious depth to it. With Sea of Thieves already on the market, it will be interesting to see if there's enough demand for two swashbuckling multiplayer games right now.

Skull and Bones is currently in development at Ubisoft.

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