GR Pick: Take to the Skies in 'Battlefield 3' Flying Sniper Video

Battlefield 3 Flying Sniper Video

Over the past couple of weeks Battlefield 3 has been met with some stern criticism for both its missteps in single player and inability to provide a consistent multiplayer experience. Since then, many of those multiplayer problems have been ironed out, and gamers have been able to not only rack up some kills in Battlefield 3, but find some of the more unique ways to experience each map.

One of those more unique scenarios involves an MAV (the reconnaissance drone in the game), a teammate, and a player who isn’t afraid of heights. By standing on top of a friend’s MAV, any player can take to the skies and even access areas that had previously been out of reach.

In essence, this little “exploit” is a sniper’s best friend, as it gives them the ultimate high ground. Check it out in the video below:


Now obviously one has to imagine that DICE was or has now been made aware of this exploit and will most likely be issuing a patch to do away with it. In the context of the pseudo-sandbox gameplay of Battlefield 3’s multiplayer, some gamers will argue that it is simply ingenuity at play, but not if it takes players way above the constraints of any of the Battlefield 3 multiplayer maps.

Personally, I find this exploit to be not only impressive, but also pretty unique. Much like racking up a killstreak with the engineer’s repair tool, hopping on a MAV and taking to the skies is just the type of out-of-the-box thinking that I like to employ during a Battlefield 3 multiplayer match.

Hopefully, DICE finds a way to make this exploit still possible, but perhaps with a little more risk, so that the oft-underappreciated Recon class can get somewhat of an advantage.

Have you tried using an MAV to take to the skies in any Battlefield 3 multiplayer match? Do you think that DICE should eliminate or tweak this exploit with a patch?

Battlefield 3 is out now for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: YouTube

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