When Skate 4 wasn’t announced at E3 2017, fans were incredibly disappointed as they have been waiting years for the skateboarding sim sequel. But despite the heartache, the demand for the game hasn’t died down, and comments on social media today showed that fans are very much still keeping hope alive.

The reason for all of the Skate 4 talk on the Internet today is due to rapper and music producer Tyler, The Creator tweeting that he “dreams” of the game. The artist’s tweet quickly racked up over 30,000 retweets and over 70,000 likes. The replies were also inundated with like-minded fans sending the tweet to EA as well as people detailing their fondest memories of the Skate series. There were even a few requests for Tyler, The Creator to fund the game himself as EA so far seems reluctant to make the game.

It’s unclear whether EA has taken notice of the tweet, but given the amount of people sharing it and given Tyler’s fame (he has over four million Twitter followers) it would be hard for the game publisher to ignore. It’s also important to note that Tyler, The Creator had a bit of a pull in the video game community even before this tweet. Not only has the rapper been enlisted by Rockstar Games to play Grand Theft Auto Online, but he was also a playable character in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5. It’s no wonder that so many fans were asking for Tyler to be a playable character in a prospective Skate 4 as well.

EA may also consider the fact that this is the third time this year that there has been an outpouring of support for Skate 4 from series fans. In addition to the E3 2017 heartache, when an EA community manager tweeted about the game, there was a similar flood of calls for it to be made. Hopefully that’s all the proof that the company needs.

Even if EA does finally take notice of the calls, though, it could still be a while until fans actually get to play it. Following that community manager tweet, EA clarified that Skate 4 wasn’t in development. Even if things have changed and, miraculously, the game is now in the works, six months isn’t a very long time and it could still be a while until the first trailer is even revealed. However, fans have already waited seven years for a new game, so having to wait another couple of years or so to actually play Skate 4 won’t feel like a long time at all.

Skate 4 has yet to be officially announced.

Source: Tyler, The Creator – Twitter

Image Source: JBreezyWorld via Wikimedia (Creative Commons license)