Skate 4 was not announced during EA’s E3 2017 press conference yesterday, much to fans’ disappointment. Rumors and speculation about the game’s development have been growing ever since an EA community manager tweeted out a Skate 4 hashtag earlier this year.

On social media, fans have made it pretty clear that they are heartbroken that EA didn’t make any mention of Skate 4 during its presser. After the community manager’s Twitter tease, EA stated that Skate 4 is not in development, but many still had their fingers crossed. Since the publisher did not deliver on their hopes and dreams, fans have now taken to Twitter to make a meme out of the entire thing.

One tweet suggested that EA has taken a ‘the floor is lava’ approach to the game and will simply avoid it as long as it possibly can. Another joked that they were so hyped up for a Skate 4 announcement that they’d put up party banners, while one user (perhaps rightfully) pointed out that far more people are looking forward to Skate 4 than they are NBA Live 18.

When it denied the existence of Skate 4, EA did note that the game is not “presently” in development, which did give fans some hope. And surely, the publisher isn’t totally unaware of the renewed interest surrounding the skating sim as it made Skate 3 backward compatible and made it available through its EA Access program on Xbox One. The popularity of the franchise was already growing thanks to bail clips and trick montages from YouTubers, but EA’s own moves will have caused the interest to skyrocket.

Some have also considered that EA is currently trying to gauge the interest and to figure out whether it’s really worth it to funnel resources to develop a new entry in the series. After all, EA could release Skate 4 and then discover that it’s actually just a small set of very vocal gamers that are interested in actually buying and playing the game. Or, it may find that people are actually more interested in watching streamers and YouTubers play the game than in playing it themselves.

Video game development doesn’t come cheap these days and EA could find itself well out of pocket if it makes a huge gamble like that and then it doesn’t pay off. But hopefully EA will choose to make Skate 4 sooner rather than later if it does choose to develop the game at all.

Source: GamesRadar

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