UPDATE: Despite the Community Manager’s tease, Electronic Arts says Skate 4 is not in active development. Read the full story.

Skateboarding titles have carved out an interesting little niche for themselves in the market, particularly among extreme sports gaming fans. Having said that, the last few years haven’t been kind to the genre, with the popular Skate series being placed on indefinite hiatus since the release of Skate 3 in 2010 and the latest entries in the long-running Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series being critically-panned. However, if a new tweet is to be believed, it appears that we may see a revival of the skateboarding game genre soon.

EA senior community manager Daniel Lingen recently offered up a glimpse of hope for a potential revival of the Skate series, tweeting out a short and simple hashtag alluding to the existence of Skate 4.

Of course, fans should not be too excited just yet because it was only last May that Electronic Arts stated on Twitter that a new Skate game is not in development. While much could have changed since EA’s tweet, Lingen’s new tweet is still not an official confirmation, so take this seemingly out-of-the-blue Skate 4 hashtag with a grain of salt.

Despite lying dormant for nearly seven years, the Skate series has managed to maintain a steady and loyal fanbase by not only defining itself against the arcade stylings of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise, but also by virtue of the countless humorous physics and glitches that have helped make the game into a popular staple for Let’s Play video channels. As recently as 2016, Skate fans embarked on a large social media campaign urging EA to make a new game, proving that there is indeed fan demand.

Needless to say, the series’ popularity has only grown in recent years, so much so that Skate 3 was added to the Xbox One backward compatibility list just a few months ago. Given that fans have long since requested that the games be made backwards compatible, there’s a possibility that the renewed interest for Skate 3 on the Xbox One has prompted EA to start exploring options into a sequel. It, like Mirror’s Edge, is a franchise that EA knows fans want to see, but there are likely more factors for the publisher to consider.

It remains to be seen whether anything will come out of this Skate 4 tweet, but given that Daniel Lingen has been with Electronic Arts’ community management department since 2008, perhaps EA may indeed be working on something new for the Skate franchise. In the meantime, stay tuned for any news and updates regarding this story.