New Single Player Trailer for Worms: Reloaded!

Worms Reloaded

This just in for you invertebrate lovers out there:  a brand spanking new Worms: Reloaded gameplay trailer!  Just recently, Team17 released a short but highly volatile single player trailer into the vastness of the interwebz, reminding us all that Worms: Reloaded is set to release in just two days for the PC!  Obviously excited about the potential for the next great Worms game, the studio had this to say about Worms: Reloaded's single player mode:

Rightly labeled by many as one of the best multiplayer games ever, Wormsâ„¢ matches have elicited more howls of rage, victory fist pumps, jeers, tantrums and downright gloating than any other game worth mentioning. Wormsâ„¢ Reloaded takes this established gameplay and places it nicely next to the most fully fledged and expansive single player experience ever found in a Wormsâ„¢ title!

From the 60+ missions spanning two full campaigns, to the endlessly repeatable Body Count mode (a future leaderboard favourite) there is plenty to keep the solo wormer happy, as this newly released trailer attests.

With Worms: Reloaded, Team17 has promised us a whole new Worms experience while continuing to maintain the old school Worms framework of aggrandized explosions, resplendent landscapes, and not-so-sagacious hermaphrodite jokes. Judging by the gist of single player trailer, Team17 is staying true to its word.  Take a look for yourself:


I, for one, have already hopped in my Way Back Machine and transported back to the late 1990s, where AOL chat rooms and Worms: Armageddon dominated my desktop monitor.  The trailer is just what the retro-2D enthusiasts like me ordered: explodable landscapes, high-pitched voice actors, and worms with giant Afros.

In all seriousness, I think this trailer builds nicely onto the original gameplay trailer we featured a few weeks ago.  While that trailer leaned toward demonstrating the overall scope and feel of the game, this latest trailer focuses more on the up close and personal tactics that are the bread and butter of the Worms franchise.  Obviously, the game is going to have some new features, but that nostalgic Worms feel is evident throughout the single player trailer.  Even if you disregard the 60+ mission and the competitive leaderboard mode, you're still left with a fun, strategic, and light-hearted game that is going to be more than worth the price.

Worms: Reloaded will release exclusively through Steam for the PC on August 26, 2010.  Hurry!  There's only a couple of days left to pre-order through Steam and get 10% off the game's purchase price!

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