Sims 4: 10 Things You Need To Know Before Playing Discover University

As the release of The Sims 4: Discover University is upon us, simmers are getting excited to finally go and get their in-game degrees. A university themed expansion has been on many players lists since The Sims 4 launched and now it's finally here.

While veteran players may think they know what to expect, the truth is this expansion is unlike previous ones with the same theme. Pulling some ideas from each and mixing them with new ones, Discover University has a lot to explore.

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With this in mind, there are a few things it's helpful to know before you play the game. From how to prepare through what to expect, here are 10 things that you need to know before you play.

10 Teenagers Should Study Hard

The university system offers two levels of degrees, basic and distinguished. If your sims want to get onto the distinguished courses then they need to start studying, quickly.

Acceptance onto the regular courses appears to be standard. However, getting into the distinguished courses will take more work. High grades from high school will really help boost sims chances of being accepted onto the higher-level courses.

9 Skills Bring Benefits

Skills are also important with higher skills being another way to boost your chances of getting onto distinguished courses, especially if they are relevant to the subject. Boosting your skills shows your sim is more well rounded so they become more attractive to the universities.

High skills can also net sims some extra simoleons towards their tuition as some of the available scholarships are tied to skill levels. High grades can also earn students a merit scholarship.

8 Teenagers Can Apply To Universities

Although teenagers cannot attend university until they age into young adults they can begin the application process when they are still teenagers, although they appear to need to be close to young adulthood with aging on. Since the process can take a few sim days this is a smart idea for those playing this way.

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Teens can also apply for scholarships in the same way and, if successful, these funds will be discounted from university costs upon enrollment. Just make sure that before you apply your teen's grades and skills are at the point you need in order to maximize their chance of being accepted onto their chosen course.

7 It's Never Too Late To Gain A Degree

Unlike in previous games, university education is now available to all. As long as your sim is a young adult or older they will be able to apply and be accepted into university. This can be a great way to tell new stories as well as take a longer time to prepare your sim.

Older sims can also choose to return to university to study something entirely new. The game will not limit how many degrees you get or how many times you attend. Just make sure you can pay off any loans.

6 There Are Several Ways To Pay For University

Your university fees can be paid in different ways. The first one is directly from household funds. A new system allows you to transfer some or all of your household funds along with your sim when you move them out.  These can then be used to meet university expenses.

The second way is by scholarships. These are awarded for a variety of reasons including being a low-income family, living in a specific area and having a certain set of skills. Any scholarships awarded are deducted from your fees each term.

Finally, you can take out a loan, which will be repayable with interest after you have graduated.

5 Student Loan Defaults Have Consequences

If you don't pay your student loan after graduation then you can expect to get some phone calls from the loan company. They are very insistent and continuously dodging their calls will have some consequences.

This is because the repo man has returned! If you choose to opt-out of paying for your student debts then he will pay you a visit and begin to remove your household items, one at a time. Continual missed payments will lead to more visits until the debt is settled.

4 The Universities Have Different Specializations

If your sim wants to study a regular degree then they can choose to do so at either Britechester University or Foxbury Institute. There are thirteen subjects in total and the distinguished degrees are split over the two campuses.

Britechester is an arts and humanities campus and offers distinguished degrees in Art History, Communications, Culinary Arts, Drama, Fine Art, History, and Language and Literature.

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Foxbury focuses on technology and sciences and their distinguished degrees are in Biology, Computer Science, Economics, Physics, Psychology, and Villainy.

3 You Can (And Should) Vary Your Classload

A term lasts for one sims week, with classes spread over five days. Each term your sim will need to choose a new course load and pay a new round of fees. You can choose up to four regular classes or up to three regular classes plus an elective.

While the lessons themselves are rabbit holes, each class will require you to attend two lessons and complete a task. These tasks are writing a term paper, preparing a presentation or taking an exam. Each one will require you to spend time on preparation or study. Each class also has homework to complete.

If you want to have time to explore the other activities available in university it's advisable to take a smaller class road to allow for more free time.

2 University Is More Than Just Studying

Discover University is about far more than just taking classes. Each campus has three different clubs and a range of activities. There's also a secret society who can be found lurking around after dark.

Britechester offers sims a chance to join an art society or a debate guild, while Foxbury has a robotics club and Brainiacs honor society. Both universities also have a spirit squad and a stadium that hosts sporting events.

Clubs have events at specific times each week and sims can also socialize in their campus common room where juice pong is a favorite pass time.

1 The Benefits Of University

Successfully completing twelve classes will allow your sim to graduate and receive their degree. Each degree offers a different benefit and boost to a specific selection of careers. You can find out the details before selecting your course so it's worth thinking about the future before you enroll.

The distinguished degrees will offer a greater boost if you are able to get accepted onto the course. Just make sure that you can keep up with all your tasks. If you fail a class you'll end up on academic probation. Sims may also lose their scholarships and can even have to retake classes so keep up those grades.

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