10 YouTubers To Watch If You Want To Design The Perfect Sims House

Life simulation The Sims 4 is about more than just the sims themselves. You can also build your dream home for them to live in. If houses aren’t your style then what about the rest of the world?

Talented players have built gyms, libraries, stores, diners, and even malls in order to bring more life to their worlds. If you want to begin building but have no idea where to start then YouTube has got you covered. There are a huge amount of talented simmers out there building and recording their efforts. From huge expansive projects to tiny homes, you can learn a massive amount by watching others.

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Some have tutorials to help with the practical side, while others provide inspiration, entertainment and even just invoke sheer awe. We’ve pulled together 10 channels which showcase many different sides of building; modern, traditional, eclectic and even pop culture inspired.

These 10 YouTubers all have very different styles and content but each and every one will give you some tips or inspiration about how to design the perfect sims house.

10 Deligracy

YouTuber and streamer Deligracy frequently builds on her channel, alongside producing some crazy let’s play videos. Her channel is well populated and well organized. You’ll also find a number of build challenges, which showcase more unique ways of building.

She builds a number of different things but primarily focuses on beautiful houses, frequently renovating and rebuilding for the sims she plays with. She also looks to make each house match the sim’s personality and walks viewers through this thought process in her content which is an interesting and appreciated touch.

9 James Turner

Previously known as The Sim Supply, James Turner is a long-time simmer and general lover of building and simulation games. On his main YouTube channel he focuses primarily on The Sims 4, with rags to riches challenges and many interesting and amazing builds, including this quirky build.

James enjoys building more unique houses and community lots and his build catalog is incredibly varied. He’s also produced some tutorials which are really helpful for new builders. All his videos are also categorized in playlists which makes them much easier to find.

8 Simproved

If you’ve ever wanted to see just what limits you can push in The Sims 4 build mode then you need to watch Simproved’s channel. While the vast majority of us mere viewers will likely never be able to match the level of talent on show here, the builds are well worth a watch.

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Simproved generally tackles huge projects and her builds are as inspiring as they are gigantic. You can also expect to see some community collab projects and a number of pop culture builds from franchises including Game of Thrones and Harry Potter.

7 Krystal Gamer

Builder and photographer Krystal Gamer is a smaller YouTuber with a heavy focus on building as well as capturing beautiful screenshots of finished builds. Utilizing her photography background she discusses many ways to capture your in-game creations through her “make me want to buy” challenge, run on Twitter.

As well as her varied builds she also has a number of different tutorial videos, such as how to produce the curved roof seen above. She’s recently begun to look at other Sims content but building remains her primary focus.

6 Lilsimsie

YouTuber and streamer Lilsimsie is a frequent builder and outspoken critic of the default builds we see in the game. She loves a good blue suburban house as seen above and has rebuilt every single lot in the game (not as a blue suburban I should add). Her creative builds are frequently uploaded to YouTube but many are built on Twitch.

If you want to see the exact build process in real time you can watch her streams and gain an insight into how her houses and renovations come together step by step. This is a great way to learn and she frequently gives little insights into her thought process as well as entertaining viewers with her commentary.

5 Kate Emerald

Another talented YouTuber with a heavy focus on building and teaching, Kate Emerald has a great selection of videos to watch. Her channel has been around for a long time which means she has a huge back catalogue of different builds and tutorials, including the ocean front pool tutorial pictured above.

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She is well known in the Sims community for finding work arounds which allow builders to do things they thought were restricted by the games mechanics, without using custom content or mods. If you’re looking for a specific build tutorial you’ll probably find one on Kate’s well stocked channel.

4 SatiSim

You will notice that Satisim’s channel is very small with few videos, however, don’t dismiss it. The builds posted are absolutely stunning. Sati recreates World of Warcraft locations in the game, pushing the limits of what the game is capable of in a truly inspiring way. Her most ambitious is Booty Bay, as soon above, which uses only in-game items.

While there is custom content involved in some of the builds others are faithfully recreated with nothing but what’s available in-game. For gamers who love WoW this channel is a must view for some truly inspiring creations. You can also get a really good feel for using different items to represent other objects as this is done frequently throughout the builds.

3 Aveline

Another skilled builder, Aveline has a heavy focus on speed builds. One of the things which makes her channel so great for newer builders is that as well as grand projects she also builds a number of tiny houses and rooms as well as furnishing apartments, such as the teen-focused one above.

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These smaller projects are much easier to emulate and achieve if you’re starting your building journey. Renovating and refurbishing can often feel like a less overwhelming challenge and the restrictions mean you learn a lot about how to place furniture optimally. Seeing this in action helps gives newer builders ideas on how to effectively use space.

2 MsGryphi

YouTuber Ms Gryphi’s channel is another filled with beautiful tiny houses, apartments and tutorials. When you’re first starting to find your feet with building one of the best things to do is look at different styles and ways of doing things. If you prefer modern or more compact builds Ms Gryphi’s work, including the tiny house above, will suit you well.

The Sims 4 has a large amount of modern furniture and learning how to combine it for the best results will really help with builds. Watching some of these creative builds will really help you with that.

1 KrystinMyrieXo

For more traditional homes and a lot of apartment makeovers, you can’t go wrong with KrystiMyrieXo’s channel. Alongside her gameplay challenges she regularly produces gorgeous builds which she’s begun to expand.

Once again her channel isn’t as big as some but for building one of the best things to do is to watch a variety of build channels of different sizes and styles. Krystin has also done some room builds, including the yellow laundry room above, which is a great quick watch for all aspiring builders.

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