The Sims: 5 Most Grim Methods Of Murdering Your Sims (& 5 That Can Happen By Accident)

The Sims series has always been a happy set of games, there's no doubt about it. Even death is handled in a very humorous, family-friendly way. That being said, deaths of beloved Sims are often upsetting, and their demise can occur in the most unexpected of ways. However, it's also not uncommon for players to intentionally kill their own Sims for a bit of sadistic fun, or just out of curiosity over what will happen to them. The cartoony animations are brilliantly done.

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Whatever your own case might be, we won't judge the way you choose to play the game. We've been there as well. On that note, we're here to share some common ways that players like to murder their precious Sims in cold blood, alongside some ways that you might accidentally see them die prematurely.

10 Murder: Steam

Owners of the Spa Day pack will be familiar with the sauna, a small room that allows your Sims to relax and sweat away their toxins. However, you may not have known that your Sim can die from spending too much time inside the sauna. Too much steam for too long will cause your Sim to eventually walk out and simply faint while trying to fan themselves.

It's unlikely this will happen by accident, since your Sim will eventually become too uncomfortable to stay in the sauna. That makes this a great way to murder your Sim if you feel like it.

9 Accident: Poisoning

Should your Sim set out on a journey into the jungles in the Jungle Adventure game pack, just know that there are many risks along the way. One of them is becoming poisoned, which is a random process that can occur while adventuring. Your Sim will be covered in strange green spots, which will indicate their status pretty quickly.

While it's impossible to murder your Sim this way (since your chance of contracting this illness is randomized), you can either choose to cure them by purchasing medicine or simply allow them to die.

8 Murder: Pufferfish

Every dedicated Simmer knows by now that the pufferfish is a risky food to consume. Even in real life, only a few chefs are allowed to prepare this delicacy because of the toxin in it which could kill you.

If your Sim knows the recipe for it but doesn't have a high enough cooking skill, it's extremely easy to prepare some pufferfish, have someone eat it and then watch them suffer a gruesome death right at the dinner table. This is without a doubt the easiest and quickest way to murder someone.

7 Accident: Overheating & Freezing

One of the most popular expansions, Seasons, brought us cold and hot weather. From blizzards to thunderstorms and blistering hot summer days, your Sims can experience it all - but not without a price to pay. If your Sim spends too much time outside in the cold, their body temperature will drop and they will risk freezing and dying from it.

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During the summer, meanwhile, you can easily overheat your Sim by spending too much time the sweltering heat, especially if you're wearing the wrong outfits for the occasion. Body temperature can be hard to monitor, so you might witness your Sim dying quite unexpectedly if you don't keep an eye on them during extreme weather conditions.

6 Murder: Starvation

Unless you've turned off free will for good, it's very unlikely that your Sim will die from lack of food. Like humans, Sims think of food quite a bit and will go to a great extent to feed themselves, even when we're not controlling them. Therefore, for a Sim to die from starvation, you'd have to be purposely denying them access to food for several hours.

It's a slow process that barely ever comes naturally, which is why it's more a murder method than an accidental death you're likely to witness.

5 Accident: Overexertion

Elderly Sims are at a particularly high risk of dying randomly, not only due to their age but also due to their withering health. Engaging in strenuous physical activity, whether it be sports or even WooHooing with another Sim, can put your elder at a great risk of dying from overexertion.

This is undoubtedly one of the more common ways you may have seen your Sims die, because it's quite difficult to track and your elders might engage in such activities out of free will. So, if you want to prevent this, make sure to babysit your older Sims.

4 Murder: Embarrassment, Anger & Playfulness

There are three moods in the game that can also spell disastrous death for your Sim. If your Sim reaches a high enough level of embarrassment, anger or playfulness, they risk dying from these moods. However, this is extremely unlikely to happen unless the player deliberately forces their Sims into these moods.

In order to do so, you'd have to surround your Sim with objects that boost these moods, have then perform very specific activities that boosts these moods and actually maintain their mood level. They're funny-yet-difficult ways to kill your Sims!

3 Accident: Electrocution

It's not uncommon for one of your appliances in the house to decide it no longer wants to work. At that point, it's either up to your Sim or a repairman to fix it. If your Sim lacks the skill to repair an object and still attempts it regardless, they might be electrocuted.

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The worst case scenario is if they happen to be standing in a puddle of water. Even professional repairmen can experience this, so keep an eye on what needs fixing in your house and make sure only the most skilled Sim attempts to fix it. Spending simoleons to to hire an expert can save lives!

2 Murder: Drowning

Drowning is a classic way to die in The Sims 4, and has been a common theme since the very first game. If you haven't removed the pool ladder while your Sims were swimming in the pool, are you even a real fan of the series? From the beginning right up to the latest Realm of Magic update, cruel players have been employing this technique.

This iconic cause of death is a favorite among sadistic individuals who enjoy seeing their Sims suffer. What's even better is that you don't only need to be in a pool to die from this: any body of water will do just fine. Need to get rid of a Sim easily? Find a pool, easy as that!

1 Accident: Fire

We've all been there and experienced it: it's the start of the game, the first night your Sim is at their new house. You're cooking a meal when bright flames suddenly burst out of your stove.

It's a classic case of your Sim not knowing what they're doing when cooking, especially when working with a bad stove that has a higher chance of failure. While it's usually no problem at all to make your Sim extinguish the flames, if they fail to act fast enough they'll meet an untimely death in the flames of burned mac and cheese.

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