The Sims: 10 Hilarious Memes Only True Fans Understand

We are all fortunate to live in a time where video games are a serious and well-funded form of entertainment. There is something so engrossing about diving into and interacting with some of our favorite fantasy worlds. It can be so refreshing and relaxing to play something after a particularly long day at work or an exhausting outing. Simply put, we usually turn our games on to avoid the trials and tribulations of life.

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But there is something so different about The Sims. Hailed as a "life simulator," you would think that it would be number one on the list of games to avoid when you're looking to relax and escape life. The Sims is different though. It's wild, wacky, and just fantastical enough to keep us coming back for more. It's arguably one of the best games to relax with after a long day.

It's even become such a prominent part of gaming culture that it has inspired a mass of hilarious and relatable memes.

10 The Best Of Friends

Anyone who has played The Sims, specifically the earlier titles, knows that the series can be a bit glitchy at times. This usually results in all sorts of hilarious animation issues but sometimes it can result in some terribly relatable (for some of us) humor.

This particular Sim is channeling their inner introvert and has decided to become best friends with their countertop. It looks like the two are rearing up to have a slumber party. It's pretty sad that we've actually had some friends in the past that weren't as entertaining or accommodating as Quinten the Countertop.

9 Discarding A Sim

The world of The Sims is cartoony and wacky in its execution and, honestly, we're glad it's that way. We can't imagine some of the "finer details" of our daily routine portrayed in as realistic a manner as possible. Imagine having to watch a Sim suffer through the ups and downs of Influenza or a particularly bad bout of food poisoning. There are some things just better left out of the game.

That said, Sims are still capable of kicking the bucket and those of us that are feeling a little "bored by our current Sim" can send them packing by crafting a strategic series of accidents. Or, you know, just remove the ladder from the pool and watch them accept their demise.

8 P.H.D. The Easy Way

It's crazy how much time, money, and commitment it takes to become a surgeon. If only people knew there was an easier and much faster route. All you have to do is play a few games of Chess and you'll suddenly be qualified to perform open-heart surgery.

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Okay, so this is only true in the world of The Sims but that doesn't make it any less hilarious. There are many high-education and skillful jobs that Sims can secure for themselves by putting together a few puzzles or reading a couple of books. If only it were that easy for the rest of us.

7 Be Careful What You Say In Public

The Sims is an odd game because it's both unique and popular while maintaining a decent amount of realism. Sure, there are a lot of things that happen that are completely cartoonish and wild (it is a video game after all) but it's a decent "life simulator" at its core.

In fact, some parts of it are so realistic that people may confuse your game discussions as real-life issues. This innocent-looking Sims Mobile question is a great example. If you don't notice the game title at first, this question seems rather alarming.

6 You Shall Not Pass!

When The Sims first came out, the development team was hard at work packing as much interactivity into their releases as possible. Because of this, some of the earlier titles in the series suffered from some unique gameplay issues that made for some hilarious problems.

This teddy bear guarding a door is a great example. The Sim is in a state of panic because they can't get passed this adorable little sentry. Hopefully, their boss understands.

5 Time Spent Wisely

The Sims has many facets to its gameplay. It's a "life simulator" and it offers up a ton of customization (especially in the newer games). When you first boot up the game, you'll spend a considerable chunk of your time actually creating your Sim. Sure, you can tap the randomize button or take a pre-made Sim out for a spin but it's hard to resist the clarion call of crafting your own.

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Likewise, you'll also need to build a house for your Sim to live in. It can take hours before you actually finish these two steps and move on to "playing the game." Unfortunately for some of us, we never make it past these steps and are stuck in an endless loop of creating. It's just so addictive.

4 Randomize Takes Things Too Far

Some of us have a hard time getting our creative juices flowing and it can be a downright daunting task to build a Sim from the ground up. This prospect is even more terrifying when you want to craft a family or a neighborhood.

Thankfully, developers added in a nifty randomize button that can help us quickly and easily create a wide array of Sims. The tool works well for the most part but there's no denying that earlier iterations of the game (and even now) feature some absolutely wild randomizations. Physical attributes can go off in all different directions and the outfits and overall composition can leave you with a Sim that is more Frankenstein than friendly.

3 How To Play The Sims

Everyone enjoys The Sims differently but at some point, we all end up traveling down a rather particular path concerning our simulated creations. We may judge this person for their confessions but it's hard not to feel just like them.

You spend time trying to live the straight and narrow, only to be frustrated enough to slip in a few "money bonus cheat codes." From there you're free to craft the home of your dreams. By the time it's all over, you're left feeling inadequate about your own living conditions and the only option is to "wipe the slate clean" and build a whole new world.

2 A Whale Of A Trait

The newest titles in The Sims franchise come packed with interesting elements that help change the gameplay and create an even more immersive experience. One of the best ways to give your Sims a more varied personality is to give them access to traits.

Be warned though, some of the traits can be a little off-the-wall, like this trait found in The Sims Medieval.

1 We Can Relate

The Sims is meant to be a fun and light-hearted life simulator that is much more fantastical than our own day-to-day grind but some people are curious what it would be like if real life incorporated some of the elements from the game.

Just imagine if we all had easily readable "traits." We'd like to imagine we would relate closest to the subset shown here.

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