The Sims 4: The 5 Best (And Worst) Romances

As a life simulation, it’s to be expected that The Sims 4 will contain elements of drama and romance but some of these are better than others.

When you begin a new game, there are already pre-made families living in several of the in-game houses. These include single sim households, couples, families, friends, and roommates. Within the relationships, there are also some romances. So, which townie romances are something we aspire to, and which make us cringe. Find out in this guide to the best (and worst) romances in The Sims 4.

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10 Best: Bella and Mortimer Goth

She’s a secret agent, he’s a freelance writer. They live together with their two children in a gorgeous gothic house, and their marriage is strong from the outset. Everything about this family is relationship goals.

The pair clearly adore each other, and, after the dramas of previous games, it’s awesome to see them settling down to live their best lives together. Bella and Mortimer have an air of class, sophistication, and style, making them one of the most enviable couples in the game.

9 Worst: Bob and Eliza Pancakes

While Bob and Eliza Pancakes' relationship may begin on an even keel, a large number of players will soon alter this. The reason is simple: we don’t like Eliza.

Often the victim of frequent “accidents,” Eliza Pancakes is, quite simply, incredibly annoying and not at all good enough for Bob, whom many of us adore. She’s a materialistic and neat perfectionist who aspires to live in a mansion. Yet, despite this, she is unemployed and seems to spend her life at the gym, often flirting with others if you don’t keep an eye on her. Bob deserves better.

8 Best: Dominic and Moira Fryes

This couple is very much in love, and their marriage is thriving through the chaos of bringing up two teenage daughters. All their interactions are so wholesome that you can’t help but fall in love with them both.

The romantic lives of their daughters, Morgan and Siobhan, are far more chaotic, but Dominic and Moira are very much relationship goals. A regular family with a strong marriage at the center of it, so what’s not to love?

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7 Worst: Katrina Caliente and Don Lothario

Don Lothario. Never has a sim lived up to their name more, and it doesn’t bode well for the romantic life of anyone involved with him.

In The Sims 4, Don enters the game as the “mooching boy toy” of Katrina Caliente and moves in with the fiery redhead and her two daughters, Dina and Nina. The romance starts off badly since the relationship bar between Katrina and Don shows them to be barely acquaintances. Whatever you do, this household will inevitably end in chaos as Don fails to control his womanizing ways and sets his sights on all of the Caliente ladies. Drama is guaranteed, but there are no happy endings here.

6 Best: Jesminda and Arun Bheeda

This young couple are just starting out in life. They have a tiny apartment, a baby on the way, and a whole lot of love. Not having material goods is no problem for these adorable lovebirds who are great fun to play as they adjust to life as a family.

Jesminda and Arun have big dreams and are just setting out on the road to realizing them. Watching their futures unfold together makes this romance one of the best in the game.

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5 Worst: Geoffrey and Nancy Landgraab

Nancy is an ambitious and materialistic minor crimelord, sneaking out at night to do the bidding of a mob boss. Meanwhile, Geoffrey is a good-natured, family-oriented secret agent. How does that even work? Is Nancy really an undercover spy? Does she feed information about the mob back to Geoffrey? If she’s really good how do you explain the fact that their son is quite literally an evil and dastardly snob?

Then, there’s the family story, which suggests both these sims are hiding something. All in all, this is one romance which no one would want to be in the middle of.

4 Best: Brent and Brant Hecking

These two are the franchise's first male gay couple, and they are simply adorable. Prone to spontaneous affection and always laughing, Brent and Brant are as well-matched as their names suggest.

They live in Brindleton Bay with their dog Rosie and enjoy a humble and enjoyable life together. While Brant works as a personal trainer, Brent is a painter, no doubt inspired by their beautiful surroundings. Who wouldn’t want to step right into their idyllic lives?

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3 Worst: Miko Ojo and Akira Kobo

Miko is said to be in love with her housemate Akira, who is oblivious to her flirting. Miko’s place in the friendzone and her unrequited love means that while we can empathize, this is a romance we don’t want to emulate.

Alongside the rejection, there’s also the weird setup of the Karaoke Legends, as they are known, in general. Miko shares a room with Darling Walsh, a teenager with an unknown parentage who is said to be Miko’s “basketball-loving buddy.” Everything about this household screams weird. If you want a romance with Akira, then we would suggest using another sim to tempt him away from his frankly bizarre living situation.

2 Best: Mele and Alika Kahananui

This married couple has escaped their busy lives to live out their golden years on the beautiful island of Sulani. Enjoying life at a slower pace, the couple has a long history of a life lived together and appear relaxed and happy in each other's company.

Over the years, they have clearly done well since they own a beautiful house with a pool, surrounded by immaculate gardens and situated right by the beach. We can’t think of a better way to spend my final years than this.

1 Worst: Catarina Lynx and Her Cats

Technically, Catarina doesn’t have a romantic relationship in her life; she has 4 cats instead. Yes, she’s a crazy cat woman, seemingly destined never to find love and instead to just adopt cats forever.

Her household information suggests she wonders if there is more to life than cats, but then adopts another one. The biggest issue is with this is that the household is a really lazy stereotype, and we’ve come to expect much better from The Sims.

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