10 Families We Miss From The Sims

Over the years we’ve seen many pre-made families in The Sims franchise. While some of them have remained in the game throughout, such as the Goths, many others were only around in earlier games.

While the stories and families we have in The Sims 4 are engaging and entertaining, there are some older residents who we miss seeing around town. Some of these families were the very first households we played and are very near and dear to long term fans of the franchise.

So, which families would we love to see again, just to check-in? We take a look at 10 families from past Sims games who are greatly missed.

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10 Newbie


The newbies were the first household many simmers played, thanks to their role as a tutorial family. Bob and Betty Newbie had a small but cozy house. This was frequently set on fire, thanks to players learning how the game worked.

Later in the game, Bob and Betty made an appearance in The Sims 2 Pets on Console but were deceased in the PC version of the game. Instead, we could play Bob and Betty’s descendants, Brandi Broke their only daughter and her family.

The much-loved family was recently recreated and added to The Sims 4 gallery by Maxis, in celebration of the game's upcoming 20th anniversary.

9 Crumplebottom


The Crumplebottom family was a reasonably wealthy family who lived in Pleasantville before later moving to Sunset Valley. They are often seen as uptight and aloof. They are related to the Goth family, with Agnes Crumplebottom being Mortimer Goth’s aunt.

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Over the years different stories related to the family have provided hours of entertainment, with a favorite being Agnes in The Sims 3. An unfortunate accident left her single but her husband’s ghost was a frequent caller, stopping her from enjoying her inheritance.

8 Capp And Monty

These families appear as one due to their storylines being intrinsically linked. Their names are a reference to the Montagues and Capulets from Romeo and Juliet, and the story of the Shakespearean tragedy is played out in-game.

All the residents of Veronaville were named after Shakespeare characters, with the Capp and Monty families being one of the most prominent. Their in-game feud was engaging and enjoyable to play, as simmers wrote their own versions of the classic story.

7 Alto


The Alto family were a great addition to The Sims 3. They were a new money family who was known for their unscrupulous natures and shady business deals. The family comprised of parents Holly and Nick and their daughter Vita, who has much better morals than her parents.

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They were rivals to the Goths, with new visions and ideals that contrasted with the Goths more traditional (and honest) outlook. While they started only with a house they also had a huge fortune. This allowed you to go around town buying up retail property and taking over the neighborhood.

6 O’Mackey


The O’Mackey’s came with The Sims 2 Seasons and the backstory made them enjoyable to play. Gabe O’Mackey was left by his wife Alexandra, who ran off to become a Dread Pirate, and was cautiously dating Patricia Wan.

Gabe also had a brother, Jason, who was married to a plantsim named Rose Greenman. The couple had one daughter, named Daisy. You could also play as Alexandra, who was ready to go and live her best Pirate life. This flexibility allowed you to decide how the entire family dealt with her decision.

5 Ottomas

If you loved a challenge then the Ottomas family was for you. They comprised a married couple Peter and Samantha, their 3 children, David, Shara and Tommy as well as Dora, Peter’s mother. To make things even more of a challenge, when you start playing this household Samantha is already pregnant with twins, bringing the total of children up to 5 very quickly.

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There was a lot of love and even more chaos in this household, which would usually descend into insanity pretty quickly.

4 Shear

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The Shear family was the first pre-made lesbian family in-game. It comprised Dylan and Audrey Shear and their son Charlie. The impact of their addition in The Sims 3 cannot be underestimated. While The Sims 4 has a couple of same-sex households, the Hecklings and the Ngata family, the Shears were the first.

Seeing their truth reflected in-game was hugely important for many LGBT players who grew up with the franchise. The mechanics of allowing same-sex relationships were always praised but seeing them officially gave them validation and let LGBT simmers know that their relationships were normal and equally important.

3 MacDuff

The MacDuff’s are a large household with a mix of human and witch members. It comprises Flint and his wife Joanie as well as their children Jules, Joe, Faith and Felicity. Joanie also begins the game pregnant with their fifth child. The chaos of having a large family was magnified by the chaos of having magic in the household, making the MacDuff’s a challenge to play with.

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This unconventional family has distinct echoes of The Weasley’s from Harry Potter and run their household with just as much love, albeit with a little less magic.

2 Curious


The Curious family is a great household for anyone who is interested in science, exploration and aliens. They include Glam, who fell pregnant with twin girls Lola and Chloe after an alien abduction, as well as Pascal who is pregnant with an alien baby when you load up the household.

The relationships are quite complex and involve several aliens as well as Jenny Smith marrying her half-sister's father, who is known as Pollination Technician 9. This family was not for the faint-hearted.

1 Specter


The Specter family is one of the most intriguing in-game. They comprise Olive Specter and her niece Ophelia Nigmos. Olive also has a son but he was taken away as a child and lives with the Beakers.

Olive’s memories show some heartbreaking events, including the death of several of her past husbands. Her house contains a graveyard, from which the ghosts of those she saw pass away come out to haunt her. This gives the family a creepy but amazing backstory.

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