The Sims 4: All The Locations Where You Can WooHoo

The Sims 4 is a game that lets yo do just about anything. You can create your own character and then control everything about their life. Will they live on an empty lot with nothing more than a sleeping bag or will they have the most luxurious mansion you can download? Will they settle down and have a family or date the entire neighborhood? It's up to you!

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Most things you can do in the game can only be done at certain locations. Cooking requires a fridge, playing video games requires a computer or TV or tablet, and going for a swim means your Sim will need a pool in their yard. But WooHoo? That's an action that two Sims with a high romantic relationship can WooHoo in so many different places around the world.

To see every WooHoo location in The Sims 4, keep reading!

15 Backyard Observatory

The Backyard Observatory is an item that was added into The Sims 4 to replace the previous games' telescopes. It costs §1,500 and Sims can use it to observe the sky or spy on the neighborhood. If you're not looking to purchase one, you can also visit San Myshuno to use the one in Myshuno Meadows. Along with being used to look at the stars and spy on the neighbors, Sims can WooHoo in the observatory.

14 Sauna

The super relaxing sauna is an item that was first introduced as part of The Sims 2: Bon Voyage, but has since returned as part of the next two Sims games. It was added as part of the Spa Day game pack, along with other relaxing items. Two different models are available for purchase in Build Mode and will boost a Sim's comfort. Along with being a place to go chill and feel good, Sims can also go into the sauna together to WooHoo.

13 Hot Tub

Throughout the history of the The Sims, a ton of different models of hot tubs have been released. The hot tub is an item that was reintroduced in The Sims 4 as part of the Perfect Patio Stuff stuff pack.

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Sims can relax in the two different models of hot tub, chat with each other, and if you have two adults in the hot tub that have a high romantic relationship, they can WooHoo together in it, too.

12 Bed

The bed is definitely among the most basic items in The Sims 4. When you're designing or building a home for your Sim, a bed is likely among the very first items that you place down. Sims just won't be happy without one! Along with sleeping or napping in their bed, Sims that are in a romantic relationship can hop into the bed and WooHoo.

11 Tent

Tents have been in the franchise since The Sims: Vacation and were added once again to the series with the release of The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat. If your Sim is looking to get away for a while and go out for a little trip into the great outdoors, they're going to need a tent to sleep in. The two different options can sleep two to four Sims, but you only need two adults with a high romance bar to get into either of the models to WooHoo.

10 Shower

The shower is one of the most basic items in The Sims franchise. It has been in every game and there are a wide variety of different showers in The Sims 4's Build Mode catalog. They have different statistics as far as how clean they get your Sim and how often they're likely to break. But, with the release of The Sims 4: Discover University, they were given another feature. Now, showers are also a location where Sims can WooHoo!

9 Waterfall

Island Living is an expansion pack that added a ton to the game. It added mermaids, allowed Sims to swim in the ocean, gave us new traits, and more! If you love warm weather and dreamed of letting your Sim live at the beach, this expansion pack finally made it possible.

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Along with adding all these tropical new items and gameplay elements, this expansion pack added a brand new place for Sims to WooHoo. Now, Sims can even WooHoo in the waterfall on the island!

8 Closet

Closets can be used for Sims to go in and change their clothes or simply to help you decorate a bedroom and make it look a little more complete and filled out. But, how many lovers of The Sims 4 knew that the closet has more functions than just storing clothes? Sims with a high romance bar can also slip inside to WooHoo.

7 Pile Of Leaves

Thanks to The Sims 4: Seasons, our Sims finally get to enjoy different weather, holidays, and seasons as they come around each year. It's a fun addition to the game and a great way to make the gameplay just a little more interesting - and sometimes more challenging! It also added dried leaves that fall from the trees into the yard. If your Sim rakes them into a pile, these leaf piles can be set on fire to be disposed of or jumped in to WooHoo.

6 Sleeping Pod

The Sleeping Pod is an item that was added as part of The Sims 4: Get Famous. If your celebrity Sim is just too good to sleep in a regular bed, you can purchase one of the two models of this item from Build Mode.

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Just like a regular bed, the Sleeping Pod helps to relieve your Sim's tiredness and is a place where they can hop in to WooHoo.

5 Coffin

When The Sims 4: Vampires was released, it added a ton of things to the game. One of these things was a new bed in the form of a coffin. They function like a bed, in that they relieve tiredness and discomfort, but that's not the only thing that they have in common with beds. Just like beds, Sims can hop into a coffin to WooHoo.

4 WooHoo Bush

If your Sim is ever out in a public place and they get the urge to WooHoo with the special person they're with, you don't have to take them home or to another of the many different WooHoo locations in the game. Simply track down an aptly named WooHoo bush and they can slip into its leaves for a moment of privacy.

3 Brindleton Bay's Lighthouse

Brindleton Bay is a new neighborhood that was added as part of the expansion pack The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs. If your Sims travel to Brindleton Bay's Deadgrass Isle, they're able to take a trip to see the picturesque lighthouse. Once you're done checking out the museum and befriending the ghosts, take a trip up to the top of the lighthouse where your Sims are able to WooHoo.

2 Rocket Ship

If your Sim is interested in leveling up their rocket science skill, they can purchase a rocket to rebuild and work on. After it's all built and ready to go, it can be ridden out into space where various different events can happen to them! And if they have a high romantic relationship with another Sim, they can both get in the rocket to go to space and WooHoo among the stars.

1 Money Vault

The Duck Security SCR009E Super XL Smart Vault was introduced with The Sims 4: Get Famous and is a place where Sims can store their cash to make sure that no one else is able to get to it. If your Sim has more than §5,000 stored inside their vault, they have some additional interactions. Along with napping in their piles of cash, Sims can WooHoo inside their vault.

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