Sims 4 University: 5 Things We'd Love To See And 5 We Can Live Without

For 5 long years simmers have been longing for a University-based expansion in The Sims 4. It is the last “big” topic that’s incredibly sought after by a huge majority of players. We’ve seen the other much-desired themes of Seasons and Spellcasters enter our game, and now rumors suggest that we’ll soon see a University themed pack.

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University was a much-loved pack theme in both Sims 2 and Sims 3, despite both expansions being quite different in their execution. While we have no clue what The Sims 4 may have in store for us in a similar expansion, it feels close enough to start speculating. With that in mind here are 5 things we’d love to see and 5 we could live without in a University expansion pack.

10 We’d Love To See: Education Affecting Careers

The Sims 2 University expansion saw the introduction of new careers which could only be entered by sims who had graduated from university. Meanwhile, The Sims 3 University Life saw graduates progress quicker in their chosen professions and enter into careers at a higher level.

Either (or both) of these would be great features to bring back. While it was enjoyable to play through a sims higher education, adding a long-lasting reward for doing so adds a level of realism which makes the journey feel more worthwhile. Removing this aspect would be a huge mistake.

9 We Can Live Without: Super Stressful Classes

During The Sims 3 trying to graduate was, at times, every bit as stressful as actually graduating in real life. While realism is great, making the game so difficult that you want to quit college in-game just to make it end isn’t good.

The Sims 4 has often been accused of being too easy but there’s a balance to be had. Classes should require some skill and management to increase grades but not to the extent that those who have already lived through college are getting very vivid flashbacks.

8 We’d Love To See: Dormitories And Bunk Beds

Previously, University expansions have offered dormitory options and these feel like an essential for a pack of this theme. A huge part of college life is communal living and the game could really use this functionality.

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Another item on the wishlist for many builders is bunk beds, which would fit perfectly into this theme and the dorms. Many Sims builders have spent 5 years creating fake bunk beds, so this would be an ideal time to introduce fully functioning ones and make a lot of creators very happy.

7 We Can Live Without: Zombies

Ok, this one’s only half true. While it would be great to see zombies in The Sims 4 they need to have their own pack, like Vampires and Spellcasters (but with fewer bugs). Adding them in as a small part of a University pack, like in The Sims 2, risks them ending up like mermaids.

In Sims 4, Mermaids are fun for a brief time but have no depth. There are no skills, no talents, no variation and after a while they feel like an afterthought. Zombies need to be set free to enter the game in their own pack on their own terms, preferably as a fully developed life state with some options.

6 We’d Love To See: Interactive Education

While Sims 2 introduced a large amount of rabbit hole lectures, Sims 3 was much more interactive. The week was timetabled and while some days were still rabbit hole based, others allowed more interaction.

Professors could be asked questions, study groups would take place and you could even cheat on your exams (although we wouldn’t recommend it) With the new technology in-game there is so much potential to take interactive classes up another notch, we have interactive careers after all.

5 We Can Life Without: New Bars

I’ll concede that we probably need a bar, after all socializing and drinking after often a huge part of college culture but honestly, there is such a thing as too many bars. It feels like every world has a bar and most of them are dull, uninspiring and bland.

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How about some new places to hang out instead? We have so many bars, lounges and coffee shops that we are spoilt for choice. The game could really use an arcade, cinema, book store or even a laundrette. It would be nice to have some variety without having to venture onto the gallery, especially for console players whose choices are limited.

4 We’d Love To See: Different Majors

Both previous expansions on this theme have offered a variety of majors. Sims 3 students could choose from communications, business, science, and medicine, technology, physical education or fine arts. Meanwhile, Sims 2 students had even more choice with a huge 11 majors to choose from including Mathematics, Political Science, Art, Drama, History, and Literature.

Some of these previous majors would match perfectly with the careers we already have in-game, allowing easy integration with a system that enables graduates to progress faster. We’d also like to see some more niche offerings, just because. The only fear with this is that a high quantity could lead to low quality.

3 We Can Live Without: New Emotional Deaths

University Life brought with it death by ranting, similar to the anger related death we have in The Sims 4 currently. While many players are fans of new ways to shuffle our sims off this mortal coil, emotional deaths are something most of us can live without.

They are the most boring and annoying of all the deaths so leave these be. Instead, we’d like to see a return of the brutal but amusing murphy bed or vending machine deaths. University has so much potential for quirky ways to dispose of sims so bring it on.

2 We’d Love To See: New Traits

The Sims 3 University introduced the new traits of avant-garde, socially awkward and irresistible. In Sims 4 we are clamoring for new traits and this pack could give us some great options. While many would love the socially awkward trait back there are so many other possibilities as well.

What about a bully trait? Or a jock trait? We already have a geek one after all. University is a time when many people's personalities are shaped so adding new traits would make a lot of sense. Also while you’re at it we’d like to choose 4 instead of 3.

1 We Can Live Without: Pranks

Before you cry spoilsport hear me out. It's not that I have anything against pranks or mischief, it's just that there's already so much of it in the game. We have a mischief skill and now mischief magic, allowing sims to play pranks on each other quite effectively already.

Every time a pack is released there's only so much that can be included and there are so many other far more interesting things that could be included. Ask yourself, how often do you really play pranks? Content like this can easily be cut in favor of giving more depth to the gameplay, something I'm sure many simmers would prefer.

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