The Sims 4: The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Stuff Packs, Ranked

The Sims 4 is an ever expanding game, with DLC adding more and more to the franchise. There are 3 different types of DLC, expansion packs, game packs, and stuff packs. The cheapest are the stuff packs, which can often come on sale for as little as $5.

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Stuff packs won’t add too much to your actual game play, except in rare circumstances, but they will add new furniture, décor, clothing and hairstyles. These can help make your sims and their houses more unique. So which stuff packs offer the best and most useful selection of items, and which are best avoided? Here are the 5 best and 5 worst stuff packs, ranked.

10 Best: Cool Kitchen Stuff

For Sims 4 builders the tiny selection of kitchens is incredibly limiting. This is one of the main reasons why Cool Kitchen Stuff shines. Not only does it add a smart modern kitchen but it also contains some incredibly versatile modern appliances, which suit a number of builds. There’s also some versatile clutter and décor items.

Alongside this are some casual clothes and several new hair styles. The casual vibe makes all of the items flexible and versatile. Nothing in this selection is too unique or niche meaning it offers great value.

9 Worst: Perfect Patio Stuff

While the items in Perfect Patio Stuff are nice, modern and functional they are too limited and niche to be of much use on a regular basis. The best additions in this pack are hot tubs and the patio furniture. However, patio furniture is abundant in the game, and the clothing items which come alongside it are incredibly limited, earning this a place on the worst list.

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The create a sim items comprise only a couple of swim suits, some outfits to bbq in and a handful of summer outfits. Meanwhile the furniture items include some weird objects such as 2 giant chess pieces.

8 Best: Toddler Stuff

While the build and buy items in this pack are not incredibly useful, it earns a place on the best list for the great range of toddler clothing. The toddler playground equipment will add some new activities but its in create a sim that this pack really shines. Anyone who plays with toddlers will find themselves using this pack frequently.

Toddlers are often excluded from the clothing items in stuff packs but here there are over 20 different items just for them, including dresses, skirts, tops, trousers, rompers and shoes. There are also 5 new toddler hairstyles.

7 Worst: Romantic Garden Stuff

This is one of the most limiting packs in the game. The build mode items are all classic stone garden décor. Unless you are building a park or an old fashioned garden in a huge mansion you will likely never use them.

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The pack is saved from a place even closer to the bottom mainly due to its clothing and hairstyles. While these are limited in number they do offer new hairstyles for male and female children and adults, something which is rare in a stuff pack.

6 Best: Vintage Glamour Stuff

The beauty of Vintage Glamour Stuff is that while it is retro in style, it’s also more versatile than it initially seems. The build mode items are mainly a bedroom set but plenty of them are plain enough to combine with other items.

There are also new hairstlyes for children and adults, as well as some classic and versatile outfits and jewellery items. It also adds two new gameplay elements, the ability to hire a butler and the ability to use the make up table. These combine to put it near the top of the list.

5 Worst: My First Pet Stuff

This pack is notorious for being DLC for your DLC. The pack itself is almost useless if you do not have the Cats and Dogs expansion. This is because a large amount of it is pet focused.

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Aside from a couple of recolored t-shirts and onesies the create a sim items are pet clothing while the build mode items include the ability to own small critters, which is the saving grace of this pack. It also contains some blinds which come in 3 different widths, something builders will love. The rest of the furniture is kitsch, matching some Cats and Dogs kids items.

4 Best: Kids Room Stuff

This is another stuff pack where its focus on an often overlooked group of sims serves it well. The bedroom furniture is a nice addition and it also adds the Voidcritter game and puppet show, some new activities for kids.

Like with Toddler Stuff, this pack shines in create a sim. There are 4 new children’s hair styles and a wide range of different outfits, from casual clothes to summer dresses. It also has a number of t-shirts, some of the most versatile kids clothing. Another must for those who enjoy playing with families.

3 Worst: Spooky Stuff

Spooky Stuff suffers for being incredibly limited. While one focus can work well, when that focus has a limited use it makes the pack much less desirable.

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The items in this pack are fun and well designed but the vast majority have no use outside of creating a Halloween style event, unless you’d like to permanently dresses as a fairy. The pumpkins and cauldrons may become more desirable when Realm of Magic is released but right now this is a pack to pass on.

2 Best: Laundry Day Stuff

Laundry Day Stuff was created with input from the sims community and it shows. Its main focus is the addition of a laundry system, allowing sims to accumulate and wash clothes. This adds an element of realism to your game.

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In terms of other items, both the build mode and create a sim items have a casual slightly rustic and bohemian feel. They match very well with other in game items and are versatile, earning this pack the top spot.

1 Worst: Luxury Party Stuff

I often wonder who thought this pack was a great idea. It contains just 12 build mode items, none of which match either each other or anything else. The buffet table is a nice idea but very rarely used and certainly not needed.

The hairstyles are nice but similar to existing ones. Adding make up sounds great until you actually see what it looks like. Likewise the party clothes are overly shiny, incredibly vibrant and of very little use. Unless you have a thing for glitter then give this pack a miss.

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