The Sims 4: 10 Things You Need To Know Before Playing Realm Of Magic

Magic has come to The Sims 4 with the release of brand new game pack Realm of Magic. It brings with it a new occult life state of spellcasters as well as a range of new spells and potions to learn.

Alongside this, you’ll see a brand new world, which comprises the small town of Glimmerbrook and a portal through to the magical realm. The magical realm houses an HQ, town square with stores, garden and dueling grounds.

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There are many things to do and explore in the game. From leveling your spellcaster and learning new skills to building an ornate mansion with the new stained glass windows. You can also choose from new fashions and meet some magical neighbors.

There’s so much to do you may wonder where to begin. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered as we pull together ten things you need to know before playing Realm of Magic.

10 Find The Sages

In order to become a spellcaster, you need to travel to the magical realm. You can do this by locating the portal in Glimmerbrook. You’ll be able to walk to it from any lot in the world without loading screens, although you’ll hit one as you go through.

Once through the portal, you need to find a sage in the Magical HQ. This central building is straight ahead of you as you enter the realm so head through the doors to go in.

There are three sages in total, one for each school of magic, and you can identify them by the runes on their heads. Speaking to them will allow you to begin your transformation into a spellcaster.

9 Ask For Training

Once you’ve become a spellcaster, you can also further build your relationship with the sages in order to learn new skills and spells. This will require some relationship to be developed first but is one of the best ways to learn, especially early on.

The training of a sage will help boost your skill level and as this increases, you’ll see options to ask them to teach you new spells or potion recipes.

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Make sure you check back in as you venture up the spellcaster ranks to learn each school of magic’s ultimate spell, accessible once you’ve mastered your skills.

8 Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

The Magical HQ is full of cauldrons and using these to experiment will help you learn new recipes. Experimenting will also boost your magical skill and save you money.

Potions can be tricky, especially since many require complex or expensive ingredients. The crystal shop will sell you some needed items and the garden will provide some plants but it can still be costly. Using the experiment option will allow you to craft some potions for free and learn their recipes, you’ll just have no control over which ones.

7 Dueling Can Be Rewarding

You can duel other spellcasters in order to gain advantages. A friendly duel will boost relationship but you can also duel for knowledge in order to learn new spells or for objects which include familiars and other magical items.

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Dueling for artifacts can reward wands, brooms or familiars, while dueling for ingredients rewards a range of potion ingredients. You will get these items at random if you win the fight.

A duel will also increase your magic skill, although losing too many matches can result in some negative effects and even a curse.

6 Store Stock Rotates

The stores in caster alley rotate their stock. Each day you will find a new selection of familiars, brooms, wands, crystals, and ingredients. In order to collect everything, you’ll need to keep returning to the store.

You can also collect some ingredients on the grounds by traveling to the gardens and collecting mature plants. If the plants need a helping hand you can learn a practical spell which will give them a boost.

There are also a couple of familiars on the mantlepieces in Magical HQ which you can pick up, so keep an eye out. Searching for tomes in bookshelves can also be rewarding.

5 Brooms Work Everywhere

Once you have a broom, you can ride it anywhere, as long as you are a spellcaster. This makes getting around the world much quicker, especially in larger neighborhoods.

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Your sim will zoom up into the air on their broom and then swiftly land in the desired location, as long as it is a reasonable distance away. A setting will allow you to choose if you wish to travel by broom as a default or not, similar to the flying as a bat mechanic.

4 Magic Is Generational

Magic is a trait that can be passed down to the next generation. Rumor has it that the further down the bloodline the magic goes the more powerful the offspring becomes. Generations of spellcasters are a force to be reckoned with.

While magic can be inherited, toddlers and children cannot cast spells, which is probably for the best. However, children can have familiars which will help protect them from harm. Useful as well as adorable.

3 You Can Learn Everything

In terms of the skill tree, the points are split into three different magic schools alongside some more generic boosts. Higher levels of the trees are unlocked by purchasing the skill lower down but the system does not confine you to one tree.

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You can also continue to build points after you have reached level five by further magical practice, learning, and dueling. Practice makes perfect and this is the best way to max out your spells, using tomes from the store and mentor training to fill in any gaps.

2 Overload Is Powerful But Dangerous

Casting many spells in a row will lead to your spellcaster becoming overloaded. While this buff is active they will be incredibly powerful but will also face great risk.

Overload means spells may trigger twice and effects double, however, it also increases the chance of negative effects. Continuing to cast spells with an overload debuff risks your sim dying from the power surge. It works in the same way as repairing electronics while dazed. While it seems like a good idea, the consequences can be grave.

1 Familiars Will Protect You

A store in caster’s alley sells familiars on rotation and there are eleven in total. You can also use your pet as a familiar. These will then follow you around and protect you from harm.

If your sim is about to expire then a familiar will step in and save their life. However, this will drain the familiar so you can’t rely on them constantly. Make sure to allow them time to recharge their abilities before you go overloading yourself again, or you’ll end up as a ghost.

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