Greatest Pre-Made Families From The Sims 4, Ranked

As The Sims 4 approaches its fifth anniversary, it's a good time to take a look at some of the greatest pre-made families the game has given us so far. Back when it was first released the town’s population was quite light. While franchise favorites, such as The Goths, were present and correct, there was very little variety and most households were quite traditional.

These days we’ve more choice than ever before. The new worlds are filled with a variety of families and we’re seeing many different family set-ups reflected in the pre-made families. So which are the best? Here are the greatest families in The Sims 4, ranked.

10 Hoapill

This household contains Keala Hoapili and her granddaughter Lia Hauata. Their story is one of the most unique in-game.

Keala watches over Ohan’ali Town in Sulani. She is able to easily commune with the spirits of the island and often summons them to her house. Her aim is to pass on her knowledge and culture to Lia.

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There’s a lot of heritage in this household and the dynamics of grandmother and granddaughter are a refreshing change when playing the game.

9 Jeong

Vanessa Jeong is a one-star celebrity who’s aiming high. An aspiring actress who lives in Del Sol Valley, she has a great sense of style and a lot of ambition. She also has vibrant hair, which makes her stand out amongst the other wannabe actresses.

She begins her life in-game at level 3 of the actress career and has her sights set on reaching the top. This small-town girl is seeking her breakthrough while mingling with the rich and famous; something she dreamed about when she lived in a quaint country town while growing up.

8 Behr

The Behr’s are two sisters with an inherited house and big dreams. The oldest is Candy, who is a skilled DJ, and the youngest is Yuki, who is gaining a reputation as an infamous hacker. It’s said that the house was their grandmother's, although we see no parents in-game either.

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Yuki idolizes her sister and it’s interesting to see the sisterly dynamic play out with the siblings being older and independent, while still needing each other. Both girls have a good set of skills and it’s very satisfying to help make their dreams come true.

7 Straud

Count Vladislaus Straud IV is a pre-made vampire and the most enjoyable supernatural household to play. He appears old but is actually an eternally young adult, claiming to be an elder.

The Straud family have been in Forgotten Hollow since it was founded and have amassed a huge fortune, including the mansion Vlad currently lives in. If you want to play with a vampire then the Straud household is a solid choice. The mansion is huge and has plenty of places to explore.

6 Caliente

Just reading the description of this family is enough to bring drama to your game. The Sims 4 version of this well-known family sees sisters Dina and Nina living with their mother Katrina and her flirtatious toyboy, Don Lothario.

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As you play with this household it’s almost inevitable that Don will end up entangled with all the Caliente girls, offering some chaotic gameplay choices. If you like your families to be wild and unpredictable then the Caliente’s are a top choice.

5 Pizzazz

Penny Pizzazz is the embodiment of San Myshuno, where she lives in an apartment in the fashion district. She’s an online a-lister, at level 8 in the social media career. This means that she’s going places very quickly.

If you want to play a single sim household that is enjoyable and can earn money fast (and without using cheats) then Penny is a great choice. She’s outgoing and ambitious and her career will soar very quickly in the right hands.

4 Ngata

The Ngata family is a great example of a non-traditional happy household. They comprise Oliana Ngata, her son Tane and her wife Leila Illes.

According to their history, Leila came to the islands not expecting to fall in love with the area and Oliana. The trio now lives in a beautiful house on the ocean, which is enjoyable to play with and a joy to look at.

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They are the first lesbian pre-made family for The Sims 4 and the second for the franchise, the first being the Shears in The Sims 3.

3 Pancakes

The Pancakes family have become a staple feature of so many simmers games. This unhappily married couple is said to be loosely based on the Newbie family from the original Sims game and there are certainly some similarities, including their names.

Bob generally seems like a nice guy but Eliza is the sim we all love to hate. For those who play with the darker side of the game, she makes a great target to test out all the different ways to die. Even those who play nicely often seem to find themselves evicting her, she’s just that kind of sim.

2 Hecking

The Hecking family is the first gay pre-made family to make an appearance in the game. They live with their much-loved dog Rosie in Brindleton Bay.

Brent loves painting and Brant prefers to explore. They both adore their dog Rosie and are a very affectionate and chilled out couple. If you want to live a relaxed life in a beautiful world then the Hecking’s are ready and waiting.

1 Goth

The Sims wouldn’t feel complete without the Goths. They have been around since the very first game and Willow Creek is made brighter by their presence. As a bonus, they also have a huge gothic house, which is expensively decorated.

In this incarnation of the game, they don’t have a graveyard but they still embody their family name perfectly. The family of 4, comprised Bella, Mortimer, Alexander, and Cassandra, will bring an Addams Family–style feel to your gameplay and some nostalgia to your world.

It wouldn’t feel like a Sims game without the Goths, who will always be number one.

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