'The Sims 4' Infographic: How Many Sims Died From Laughter?

The Sims 4 Statistics

Whether it's being kidnapped by aliens or marrying the girl you met at the park four hours earlier, The Sims has undoubtedly seen it all. It's been a good six months since the game launched last fall, and fans have managed to accrue over 12,000 years playing time. Within all these games lie countless statistics that paint a story, and the official EA Blog did fans a favor, presenting the aforementioned information in a neat The Sims 4 infographic.

The infographic shows that the world of The Sims seems much happier than real life, and although less Sims are married, the divorce rate in the game is a mere 2%, compared to a real-world equivalent of 40% in the United States. Perhaps related to this is the fact that Sims get to 'woohoo' four times as much as the average US married couple, a statistic that is nothing to sneeze at (or curse at, if you're, erhm, statistically average or below).

Gamers can click the below image to take a full-sized gander for themselves:

The Sims 4 Infographic

3,000 poor Sims have laughed themselves to death ever since the game launched, meaning around 25 Sims laugh themselves to the grave each day. While there are definitely worse ways to go (looking at you, fire), it's still a surprisingly large amount of Sims.

The most surprising statistic is that the net worth of the average Sim balances out to only 15% more than the average American adult. We had assumed most players climb their way into a diamond-studded castle, but apparently plenty like to live the blue-collar life of a working Sim.

It may be business as usual for the franchise, but it's worth mentioning that Maxis Emeryville Studio was forced to close down last week, which marked the end of an era for plenty of Sims fans. Emeryville helped build the Sims franchise into the triple-A PC title it still is, delivering millions of hours of entertainment to fans. Now, they are no more.

Thankfully, development of The Sims 4  has been handled by the creatively titled The Sims Studio for some time, and the upcoming expansion pack, not to mention downloadable content for the existing game itself, won't be affected by this unfortunate closure.

While the original studio may be gone, the infographic makes it clear that life - and plenty of it - will still go on.

Did anything surprise you about the above infographic? Was there a statistic you'd like to see?

Source: EA Blog

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