10 The Sims 4 Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

These The Sims memes are too hilarious for words, meaning that words cannot describe how funny they are. The Sims 4 released on September 2, 2014, and a series of expansions followed it much like other games in the series. In total, there are seven expansions and a plethora of game packs to add to the base game.

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With all that content, it's not surprising that there are quite a few flaws in The Sims 4. Memes help to address these flaws and might be comedic or plain raunchy. These are 10 The Sims 4 memes that are too hilarious for words.

10 Isn't He Just Perfect?

Like too many video games, The Sims 4 has its bugs and glitches. It wouldn't be unusual for you baby to turn out looking this way. Especially with the usage of cheats and cheap PCs with screen tearing, there is potential for the game to create a horrid scene as this meme illustrates.

To answer your question, yes, he is perfect—perfectly flawed in every way. Surprisingly, not the ugliest baby we've seen yet. He may have your eyes, but we can't tell since the baby is wearing goggles.

9 Gain Social Skill By Talking To Self. Weird...

Time and time again, The Sims 4 has irregularities that prevent it from being a realistic life simulator. Sure we want The Sims to focus on realism and rid itself of inconsistencies that blur the lines between reality and game, but we also want it to be fun. Gaining social skill in The Sims 4 is tedious and requires your player to talk to people constantly.

With so much jibber-jabber taking place in conversations, it is difficult for us to tune into Sims conversations. Perhaps Maxis should add interesting dialogue to enrich the social experience.

8 Solve House Fires By Screaming

Characters in The Sims are at a loss for words once a minor fire occurs. Instead of throwing baking soda or salt, the Sim is baffled by what he is seeing and starts screaming uncontrollably.

Furthermore, why is it possible to take a selfie with the grim reaper? Once the grim reaper has down his work, players can interact with death, which makes no sense. The logic of The Sims 4 is upside down, and in some aspects, the game has hardly progressed.

7 Don't You Hate It When That Happens?

We all remember that time we were eating and missed out mouth entirely said nobody ever. Biting a lip maybe, but unless you're a baby, you have no business poking your fork against your face and not inside your mouth. This is another meme that addresses the glitches in The Sims 4.

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The game is by no means perfect. Maxis, as a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, is the development company behind The Sims 4. Did you expect a game by Electronic Arts to be near perfect?

6 The Sims 4 Goes Full Emo

5 Ubisoft's Trailer Vs. Dev Team

It goes to show that company's like Ubisoft and Electronic Arts spend an absurd amount of money on marketing and little on improving their game. Ubisoft doesn't put out the most trailers that are unrepresentative of gameplay, but they aren't excluded from the conversation.

Video game companies need to release gameplay trailers soon after announcement trailers because its announcement trailers could send the wrong messages. Take No Man's Sky for an example. Years and several updates later, the game barely looks like its trailers.

4 Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme Part 2

This is a creepy meme that maybe deserves to be more popular than it is. It reminds us of the overly attached girlfriend meme but is possibly even more disturbing because it's a The Sims character. Blogs about missing you while you are sleeping... in the same home! Blogging about someone else in the house is a weird thing to do.

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Moreover, has someone figured out why Sims won't sleep in the same bed when they are supposed to be married? It's yet another thing about The Sims that is unconventional and bizarre.

3 Goes On A Date... Now Leave Me Alone

Going on a date in The Sims brings you to a location to date, but that doesn't mean your sims have to sit together. It's another strange part of The Sims 4. Talk about being put in the friendzone when your date doesn't even want to sit with you.

On another note, the lighthouse in the photo on the wall has a striking similarity to the one from The Ring. Only Samara would put someone through this amount of dating torture.

2 Claims To Be A Ladies Man

The profile of Sims characters doesn't always correspond with who they are. Someone could be a computer whiz, yet doesn't own a computer. They could be a ladies man but has only kissed one girl. Does someone have to kiss more than one girl to be a ladies man? This meme creator thinks so.

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It's okay not to be a ladies man. The Sims 4 lets you create characters who are better versions of yourself. It allows you to live your dreams from behind the blue light of a computer. You can be a ladies man, a genius, a computer whiz, or a tech-savvy individual.

1 That Feeling You Get...

Has anyone ever taken a look at what Sims are doing on their computer? The text is always written in a foreign language, and the person operating the computer looks very confused. Seeing a sim operating a computer is comparable to that feeling you get when your auto-correct backfires (almost every day).

Take this meme for an example. The slight shrug of his shoulders can be used to explain the feeling you get "when auto-correct goes auto-stupid." We all know that feeling, so don't even try to deny it. Feelings of sorrow and regret follow the malfunctioning of auto-correct.

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