10 The Sims 4 Mansions That Are Too Unreal

As the ultimate life simulator, The Sims 4 has graced our computer screens for almost twenty years. First released in the year 2000, The Sims revolutionized life simulators. Nearly two decades later, The Sims has managed to expand its design tools, add more objects and items, and drastically improve its gameplay. When the original game released, players were limited to their lot. The journey ended quickly, but it was clear that the development company Maxis had a hit on their hands.

With cheats to add a nearly infinite amount of Simoleons (The Sims cash), anyone can build a mansion. The following The Sims 4 mansions are some of the most creative designs we've ever seen. These are 10 The Sims 4 mansions that are too unreal.

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10 Oh, Snap! It's Got A Basketball Court

This mansion's lot is as large as some gated communities. Whoever lives in this home could be an executive of a Fortune 500 company or a professional athlete like hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. Giant fountains, a pool, a basketball court; this place has it all. There is even what appears to be two guest houses in the back, as well as a greenhouse. Even from this distance, the mansion looks magnificent. The mahogany stucco, combined with sharp fascias is an endearing touch to the home.

9 The Garden Of Tranquility

The outdoor pool has steps to give people the impression of walking on water. It seems doubtful that people would dare to walk across the steps because of the risk of falling in the water. To guess, the mansion has a Swedish design. An outdoor fire pit surrounded by a royal garden is contemporary design at its finest. This is one mind-boggling home we won't soon forget.

8 Is This Mansion From Scarface?

The Sims 4 is the ultimate life simulator. It appeals to a broad audience because of its emphasis on realism and creative design tools. The Sims 4's design tools are becoming so practical that soon, engineers and architects might use The Sims 4's suite to generate concepts. A driveway with a fountain in the middle, two covered patios on each side, and a massive mansion with a breathtaking exterior makes this mansion unreal. Credit goes to YouTube creator Yorkie for this beautiful The Sims 4 mansion.

7 The White House

Image result for sims 4 mansion

This would be the perfect home to live in during the summertime. Small touches like animal-shaped bushes and a pool make this an exceptional home design. The balcony would be the perfect place to visit in the morning. Perhaps it would be improved with a chessboard or telescope for Sims.

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It is possible this photo is of the back of the mansion since there is no visible driveway. Judging by the lack of outdoor objects like a barbeque, however, it appears to be the front. Thanks, @mementosims for this mansion design!

6 What A Lovely Mansion!

Since, of course, it has a high price tag, the realtor in charge of selling this home would have their work cut out for them. It's a beautiful home, but it's likely the creator of this house didn't work long hours to make this mansion. They must have used cheats to gain simoleons. It's a beautiful home fit for most families and isn't too extravagant in a gaudy fashion. The fountain could have been more centralized to allow cars to drive around it, but aside from that, not many bad things can be said about this The Sims 4 mansion.

5 Mansion, Or Castle?

Although it is a mansion with a moat surrounding the lot, it looks more like a castle. This is the type of exotic home you might see in a European country. The design is elegant but lacks prudence. In The Sims 4, this mansion is a hit, yet it wouldn't work in the real world because of draining issues. The house would likely collapse due to an excess of water accumulating in the midsection. The design is beautiful and is something worth aspiring to in The Sims 4, but not in real life.

4 A Quaint Mansion Fit For Anyone

In the foreground, we can see a gate that is accompanied by a vintage car. In the background, we see two people sitting on a patio that overlooks a pool. The Sims 4 mansions come in various shapes and sizes.

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This mansion has what looks like gothic architecture that is resplendent in every way. Palm trees accompany this home fit for any family. Like most The Sims 4 mansions, it has a fountain in the driveway. It's a luxury that only few can afford.

3 The Sims 4 Pet Mansion

Thank you for providing this awe-inspiring home. Its large porch is a great first impression of the home. People who visit this mansion might be taken aback by its white and grey exterior. Cleaning this mansion would be an arduous task, but at least the exterior of homes in The Sims 4 do not get dirty. We would love to see more photos of this pet mansion. If it is as lovely on the inside as it is on the outside, it will be a magnificent mansion.

2 It's A Symmetrical Home... Sort Of

Putting aside the long row structure beside the main part of the house, it is close to being symmetrical. Asymmetry is common with mansions due to their size. Sometimes, the land won't allow for a symmetrical home, among other reasons. The pool in the back, which is massive, also is symmetrical. Most details of this house say that it was designed for function rather than artistic value. The Sims 4 is a great game that allows you to build a customized house whether it is symmetrical, asymmetrical, or totally whimsical.

1 Luxurious Home With A Stylish Exterior

The contemporary design of this mansion is cause for inspiration. The design is smart, to say the least. A pool with see-through walls makes it stand out from the other pools in this list. Like many mansion designs in this list, white is a standard color. Its sundeck is ideal for those starry nights where you can bask in the moonlight and enjoy cuisine off the barbeque. This home has at least three floors, and it wouldn't be surprising if it has a basement suite, giving it four levels.

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