The Sims 4: 5 Hidden Areas You Didn’t Know Existed (And What You Can Find There)

Everyone loves a good mystery, and The Sims 4 is full of them. With how big and immersive its worlds are, there’s always a tiny detail that might go unnoticed by even the most observant Simmer.

Secret lots and hidden places have been a thing since the very first installment in the game and have only become more and more common over the years. So, if you thought you knew everything there is to know about the world of The Sims 4, think again. Let’s take a look at these five hidden locations you can discover - and what to find in them.

10 Sixam

If you've ever dreamed of traveling to a far away planet run by aliens, you'll be happy to know you actually can in the Get Together expansion.

Your Sim should be in the scientist career and must reach the maximum level of 10 in either of the two branches. If your Sim is a Rocket Scientist, they can simply build a rocket and travel to another dimension. However, if they're a Scientist, the route is a bit more complicated as you'll have to build and upgrade your Wormhole Generator with two elements of your choice and two uncommon crystals and metals.

9 What To Find There

Once in Sixam, you'll not only be granted a beautiful view of a foreign planet, but also a bunch of collectibles that can come in handy in your science career as well as for gardening.

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Uncommon crystals and metals will spawn all around the area, and you can even find geodes that provide special moodlets to your Sims once they're placed inside your house. For gardening enthusiasts, two rare plants known as the Quill Fruit, Wild Orb and Fang Flower will be available all around you.

Once you're done you simply use the Wormhole Generator to return back home.

8 Forgotten Grotto

An abandoned mine entrance in Oasis Springs holds the secrets of a beautiful grotto.

Your Sim needs to be level 10 in handiness in order to break into the mine entrance located behind Desert Bloom Park and Affluista Mansion. Once you've successfully opened the entrance up, a rabbit hole adventure will ensue.

In order to make it to your destination you need to choose the options "Take the Wide Path", then "Climb the Ladder" and finally "Step onto the Ledge". You'll then be transported to a new area.

7 What To Find There

The grotto is the perfect area for Sims who are serious about fishing and collecting bugs and plants. The rare Batfish can only be found in this area, which makes it a must-visit place for fishing enthusiasts.

As for plants, you can expect to find mushrooms, sage, lilies and onions. If you look around hard enough there's also a chance to find some frogs around. In a few of the spots, your Sim can mine the rocks in order to find various crystals and metals. There's even a wooden toilet here in case your Sim plans to spend a lot of time here.

6 Deep Woods

If you own Outdoor Retreat, take a trip to Granite Falls in order to find this gorgeous hidden location. You'll need to search the forest areas for a while, but eventually near one of the cabins you should be able to find a cave entrance. Go inside, and a rabbit hole adventure will begin.

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The right choices to make are "Step Forward", followed by "Go Through the Web", "Ignore the Object" and then "Approach the Sim". You will then be introduced to a peculiar lonely inhabitant of the Deep Woods known as the Hermit, and the area around their cabin.

5 What To Find There

There are a few things that are noteworthy in the Deep Woods. Firstly, the waterfalls and the small spring is a great location to find the exclusive and rare Mountain Lionfish. Other exclusive objects to this area only are the Walking Stick, as well as the Dragon Dragonfly.

The Hermit is a key person to meet for any Sim that aspires to create the perfect garden, as they will teach you an important fertilizer recipe once friended. Their gardens are also a great location to find loads of rarer plants, namely blackberry, so take full advantage of your visit.

4 Sylvan Glade

If you've ever lived near Crick Cabana in Willow Creek, you may have noticed a large beautiful tree that looks somewhat out of place. This tree is actually the door to a secret outdoor area, but this door is only accessible after viewing and watering the tree, as well as chatting with it and complimenting its leaves.

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Once you have the option to explore the tree, you'll enter another rabbit hole adventure, and should select the options "Follow the Sound", "Travel Downstream", "Enter the Mist" and finally "Travel to Glade". You'll then be transported to a new area.

3 What To Find There

The glade is a beautiful location by a small waterfall and spring with tons of flowers and trees around. It's the only place where your Sim can try and catch the rare Treefish, and is, therefore, a must-visit for fishing enthusiasts.

The area is also filled with rarer plants and insects from mushrooms, strawberries, lilies, bluebell, basil to cherry and pear trees, as well as snapdragons. If you own Spa Day and your Sim reached a high enough level in the Wellness skill, they can return to this location whenever they wish through meditation.

2 Cave Of Sulani

In the newest expansion to The Sims 4, Island Living, we're introduced to the island of Sulani, where there's a bunch more to explore. Unfortunately, there's no separate, new secret area here, but it's still a nice location that makes for a fun little adventure.

You'll notice as you approach the cave that there's a mural right next to it and you should keep an eye on it while your Sim is inside the cave because it will determine your progress through the adventure. With each visit to the cave, the mural will slowly complete itself and open up more interactions with the cave.

1 What To Find There

By interacting with the cave you can find shells to complete your shell collection, which is one of the new ones that came with Island Living. However, most importantly, you have a chance of finding 10 Mermaid Kelp at once, which is a staggering number given how little effort is required for this method.

So if you're really set on becoming a mermaid and want to do so as soon as possible without using cheats, coming over to the cave to try your luck several times just might be the best way.

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