The Sims 4: Ranking Every Expansion Pack From Worst To Best

Since the release of The Sims 4 we’ve seen seven different expansion packs, covering a range of topics, adding new features to the game. Each one brings something different to the game with focuses including pets, new careers, different ways to live and of course weather.

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Expansion packs add the most to the game in terms of extra content. They bring not only new create-a-sim and build mode items but also in depth new game play and even new worlds. But which offers the best value and do some expansions add much more than others? Here are all The Sims 4 expansion packs, ranked.

7 Get To Work

Get To Work is the earliest expansion and it shows. The main focus of this pack is interactive careers. It introduces a doctor, detective and scientist career. While they are fun to play, and the concept of following your sims to work was unique at this point, they have struggled to remain enjoyable.

The detective career, in particular, was incredibly glitchy, which meant many players struggled to progress. While some of these bugs have been patched, others still remain in the game. Interactive careers were a great addition but later packs have made a much better job of them. The pack also included the first occult, aliens, as well as the ability to run a retail store. These are both additions which are fairly niche and not often used by many players, earning this expansion a place at the bottom.

6 Get Famous

Many players had high hopes for Get Famous but it can be a polarizing pack. The world of Del Sol Valley is beautiful but is also very small and feels limiting. The game also introduced interactive acting and content creation careers as well as a fame system. The fame system is slightly erratic at times and can be annoying. While the interactive careers are fun at first, they can quickly lose their shine as you repeat the same jobs over and over again.

There are also numerous high end expensive items with this pack. While its fun to build an opulent mansion, their use in most normal builds is limited, earning this pack a place near the bottom of the list.

5 Get Together

The strongest features of Get Together are the club system and the beautiful world of Windenburg. The club system is one of the most versatile and underused systems in the game. It allows you to form groups of sims and set club goals. This means you can gather up to 8 sims in once place by calling a meeting. You can also set the dress code and decide which activities and behavior you will encourage or discourage.

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There are so many uses for clubs, including boosting social needs, building skills and even calling sims to your secret under ground basement, where they will spend eternity painting masterpieces. Get Together is a great pack and often underrated but earns its place here due to the fact that many of its features are often not used for regular game play.

4 Cats and Dogs

Cats and Dogs introduces four-legged friends to the game. Its biggest addition is the cats and dogs themselves. You can also join the new interactive veterinary career, which sees you run a veterinary clinic, and live in Brindleton Bay, one of many players favorite worlds.

This pack may have placed higher if it wasn’t for the issues. Pets can become annoying quickly, especially if you are hit with the bug that makes them constantly sick. It’s also virtually impossible to max out your vet clinic to 5 stars, which is very frustrating. The pets themselves are adorable and have great customization options, something which is appealing to animal lovers. While this is a solid expansion, anyone who doesn’t really want a pet may want to take a pass on it, in favor of something less specific.

3 City Living

The City Living expansion brought the additions of apartments, work from home careers, festivals and the city of San Myshuno. Each of these can have a drastic effect on a players gameplay. The apartment system allows you to pay rent to live in an apartment, paying up front only for the furniture. This adds a new element to the game, especially if you use the lot traits to live in a fixer-upper home. It can also make a sims starter capital go much further.

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City Living’s work from home careers, Critic and Social Media Influencer, have also stayed relevant for longer than other careers. While all interactive careers can be repetitive, these offer a few nice perks and fit in well with life in the city.

2 Island Living

Island Living is another polarizing pack. It offers an entirely new way of living on the island of Sulani. There are new part-time careers, new events and a new vibe, which includes friendlier neighbors and some stunning views. For those who build there are also new ways to build on oceanfront lots.

The island itself also evolves, linking with the new conservationist career and allowing you to change your surroundings. It also has mermaids, although they are slightly limited. Overall the pack offers new ways to play and unique ways to build, something which is rare. This earns it a high ranking place on my list.

1 Seasons

As with other Sims games, Seasons is the game-defining expansion. While it doesn’t come with a new world, it does add so much to gameplay across the board that it deserves the top spot. Alongside seasons and weather we also see the introduction of the in-game calendar, which allows you to schedule a wide range of events and celebrate seasonal holidays. The addition of holiday traditions, decorations and other pop up events rounds out this pack.

Adding Seasons is the biggest change across the game that you will ever see in The Sims 4 and adds a new depth to every home in every neighborhood. It also allows more realistic gameplay in terms of being able to add and plan regular events, including birthday parties. This is also the expansion which is the most general, adding new features which have a wide range of uses and implications. A worthy winner of the top spot on this list.

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