Everything You Need To Know About The Secret Society In Sims 4 Discover University

Looking to join an exclusive crew on the campus? There's no better organization than the secret society that resides in Britechester in The Sims 4 Discover University. As the term implies, secret societies are highly secretive and elusive groups that won't simply pop up at your doorstep to beg you to join. There are specific ways, however, that you can attract the attention of these organizations.

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If you're lucky, you might be able to become a permanent member of something called the Order of Enchantment, which is a long-standing secret society focused on maintaining a good relationship with the mystical sprites found in Gibb's Hill. Interested? Here are 10 things you'll need to know before you can be accepted as a member.

10 Origins

Not much is known about the Order of Enchantment at first, but after you've become a member, you can find more details about the organization through the research machines. It all starts with the story of a Sim known as Esther Mudgett, who first discovered the Sprites when researching the mushrooms found in Gibb's Hill.

During one of her expeditions, she encountered Sprites for the very first time and became the first Sim ever to do so. It was Mudgett who also found out that Sprites were fond of jokes and sugary treats, and would help her in return if she provided those things.

9 The Legends

So what exactly happened to Esther Mudgett? Well, stories tell that she founded the Order of Enchantment. However, she wasn't an exemplary leader by any stretch. It's said that she took advantage of the powers the Sprites gave her and failed to pay them back with enough attention and baked goods.

As a result, an urban legend of her still wandering aimlessly in the woods of Gibb's Hill still lives to this day. Since her disappearance and likely death, the Order has tasked itself with reestablishing trust with the once betrayed Sprites.

8 Where To Find

There's a very special place that's important to the Order and its history. If you travel to Gibb's Hill, and more specifically to the local bar, cross the river, and you should come across a strange-looking old ruin on a hill. Just next to it on the low ground is a small clearing with mushrooms growing in a circle around a stone pedestal.

This is where the Order will meet regularly for its rituals, and where you might spot them congregating in mass when you've yet to become a member. Approaching them won't give you an opportunity to join, but you can still watch them from afar.

7 Joining

To join the Order, you need to make an offering to the statue of your university, usually found at the center of the campus, and most likely vandalized by the opposing university. We'll talk about what offerings are best in the next point.

Once you've made a proper offering, your Sim will gain a Focused moodlet, which should be a sign that the Order is on its way. One the very same night that you made the offering, members of the Order will visit you wherever you are, and invite you to join their organization through a special spell.

6 The Different Offerings

When it comes to the actual offerings that work, not just any object will do. Your Sim should try and get their hands on Excellent quality baked goods since the Sprites are known to like sugary foods. This might be difficult to come across in university since dorms don't allow any ovens or grills.

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On the bright side, the Sprites will also accept Rare quality collectibles like rocks and gemstones. Only the best will be accepted, so make sure to dig around a lot. Finally, Pristine quality produce will also work, although it will be difficult to get your hands on if you live on campus.

5 Being A Member

So, now that you're a fully accepted member of the Order, things work very similarly to all the other organizations. You get tasks that change regularly and must be completed for you to rank up from a New Member, into a Seasoned Member, and eventually into a Senior Member.

There are also events that you need to attend. Making friends with the other Order members is generally a good idea, and you will definitely be visiting the ritual grounds often to tend to the gardens and make crystal or metal offerings at the stone altar. Make sure you have your items ready!

4 Sprite Celebration Ritual

The Order has only one event that you need to attend, which is known as the Sprite Celebration Ritual. The ritual takes place on the very same ritual grounds that you often have to come back to perform your Order tasks.

The event happens twice in one week, and it's a great opportunity to befriend the other members, while clad in your robes and performing the secret society greeting. You also get a chance to communicate with the Sprites to see if they're pleased with your hard work or if you need to put in more effort.

3 Robes & Mask

After you join the Order, you'll be gifted the robes and the mask of the organization. You get to wear this attire every time during the bi-weekly ritual that the Order organizes, and your Sim will change into it automatically.

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Better yet, as you advance through the membership ranks within the Order, you'll get a slightly different variation of the robes to show that you're either a Seasoned or a Senior member of the group. Above all, the robes protect your identity but also show off with whom your loyalty lies.

2 Sprite Abilities

You might be wondering what the benefits of being a member of the Order are. If you keep working hard to please the Sprites, you'll eventually rank up into Seasoned and Senior Member. Seasoned Members get the ability to use Sprite Attack on other Sims.

This will send a swarm of Sprites to pester a Sim and give them the Tense moodlet. As a Senior Member, you can Summon Sprites whenever you want, which will not only fill your needs but also give you powerful moodlets to help you focus, feel inspired, or get into a romantic mood.

1 Visiting Sprites

One of the harder aspects of being a member of the Order is having Sprites visit you regularly. The Sprites will appear randomly around you, and you will get a white moodlet stating you have Sprite visitors. While they're in your presence, you need to perform a variety of flirty or mischievous interactions with other Sims to entertain the Sprites.

If you please the Sprites, they will immediately fill some of your needs, but if you displease them, you will gain a Tense moodlet, and the Sprites will further pester you until you've given them attention.

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