Sims 4 Discover University: Everything You Need To Know About School Organizations

The Sims 4 Discover University is finally here, and it's probably one of the best things to have happened to the franchise in a while. Finally, we can fulfill our dreams of sending our beloved Sims to study and experience university in the best of ways. While much of it will be hard work, just like in real life, you don't only have to focus on class to get the most out of university.

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Why not join one of the seven available organizations and find some like-minded people? If you're curious about what organizations are and what exactly they have to offer, you've come to the right place as we spill all the details on UBrite and Foxbury organizations, as well as the mysterious Secret Society.

10 Organizations

So, what exactly are organizations? To be clear right off the bat: they have nothing to do with clubs. In fact, you can make your very own university-related clubs on campus if you'd like. Organizations, however, are set, long-standing groups of people that can be found on both campuses.

They're only available to students who are currently enrolled in university and can help you gain nice rewards, such as boosts to your skills, as well help with your class credits. Many also provide various items like easels, jackets, and shirts as rewards for being a member. You can join as many organizations as you like, but keep in mind that it will be a lot of work to keep up with school!

9 How To Join

To join an organization, you can check when the group you're interested in is meeting next time. The information is in the same tab as regular clubs. Both schools have their own three unique organizations. Once an event starts, you can click on the "Go to Event" button, which will send your Sim to the location automatically.

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Once there, go and introduce yourself to one of the organization members and ask to become part of the organization. You'll recognize members since they have their organization written in red underneath their name when you hover your cursor over their Sim. They'll also wear T-shirts of said organization which makes them easy to recognize.

8 Being A Member

Once you've been accepted into the organization, you won't just be sitting around doing nothing. You'll start off as a New Member, and must perform specific tasks to level up to a Seasoned Member and eventually to a Senior Member.

The tasks will change regularly, so you need to complete them within a few days. Participating in events, which are shown in the same panel as your tasks, and befriending members of the organization during these events will also greatly boost your leveling progress. As you gain in rank, you'll enjoy greater benefits in whatever organization you chose to join.

7 Bot Savants

Are you passionate about robotics? Is your dream to bring a Servo to life? If that's the case, the Bot Savants are right up your alley. The Bot Savants will regularly gather for bar nights, bot building sessions at the Foxbury Commons, as well as organize Utili-Bot Contests.

As a Seasoned Member, you'll gain extra credit whenever you go to these events so long as you major in Villainy, Physics, or Computer Science. Once you reach the highest rank of Senior Member, you'll be rewarded a Gold Edition Party-Bot, and you'll get a boost to how quickly your Robotics skill increases. Any upgrades to your bots will also be much cheaper.

6 Brainiacs

If your Sim is a complete nerd who loves studying and absorbs information like a sponge, they'll do well among The Brainiacs. These Sims will meet regularly at the local library for study sessions, as well as organize bar nights to wind down every once in a while.

Once you've become a Seasoned Member, whenever you're in an event of your organization, you will gain extra credits for all of your classes. If that doesn't sound sweet enough, as a Senior Member, all of your mental skills will increase quickly when learning, and you'll be rewarded the famous Brainiacs Plaque.

5 Foxbury Spirit Corps

For those who are all about showing off their school pride and who love supporting the sports team and mascot of their school, the Foxbury Spirit Corps is the place to be. This organization is most well-known for organizing the School Spirit Day, as well as Foxbury Game Day Party.

They also have regular bar nights. While the rewards only include the lobster mascot outfit, a juice pong table, and a special Foxbury Greeting you can now show off, it's easily one of the best organizations to get into if you're looking for parties and a good time.

4 Art Society

Passionate artists and creators alike will definitely find themselves a second home among the UBrite Art Society. This organization will regularly meet up by the canal nearby UBrite Commons for Figure Painting events, and they also have their very own bar night.

As you'd expect, going to these events will give you extra credit in your Fine Art and Art History major classes as a Seasoned Member. As a Senior Member, you'll be gifted a very special easel, and you'll also gain the ability to develop your creative skills like painting much quicker.

3 Debate Guild

For all of your Sims that have tons of opinions and live to share them with the world, The Debate Guild offers you the podium to showcase your charisma and knowledge all at the same time. The Guild organizes Debate Practices, as well as Debate Showdowns regularly, while also enjoying the occasional bar night event. It's an ideal choice of students in Economy, Communications, Language, History, and Psychology, who will gain extra credit while in these events as a Seasoned Member.

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Senior Members get to wear the fancy Debate Guild jacket and be gifted a nice research machine for their debate preparation purposes. Best of all, you'll be so charismatic you get the ability to ask for a favor from your professor, whether it's to help you with your homework, provide you with studying tips or even bump up your grade.

2 Britechester Spirit Corps

Much like the Foxbury Spirit Corps, the UBrite Spirit Corps is all about making sure that everyone knows the University of Britechester is the best, and that Foxbury sucks. The organization will set up Game Day Party events, bar nights, as well as Creativity Celebration events you can partake in.

Similarly to the Foxbury Spirit Corps, you'll learn as a Seasoned Member how to give a proper UBrite Greeting. As a Senior Member, you'll be gifted the famous dragon mascot costume, as well as a juice pong table.

1 Secret Society

Maybe your Sim is a bit different and is looking for a truly unique experience. If that's the case, they might be perfect for The Order of Enchantment. You can spot some of these strangely dressed members gathering at the Ritual Grounds found in Gibbs Hill, usually late at night. You'll need to make an offering to your respective university's statue, which needs to be of high quality.

This can be a collectible item or food. Once you've done this, your Sim should gain the Surreal Focus moodlet. This should get you an invitation to join. Once in, you can regularly participate in the Sprite Celebration Ritual. As a Seasoned member, you get better robes and can use a Sprite Attack, whereas as a Senior Member, your robes are even fancier, and you can now use your powers to summon Sprites.

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