The Sims 4: 10 Apartment Builds To Move Into After University

With the release of The Sims 4's latest expansion pack, Discover University, many fans of this life simulation game are getting ready to send their Sims off to get a higher education. While there are a ton of fun and amazing new things to do while your Sim is away at the university of their choice, there's definitely a life after finishing school for these Sims.

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After they finish up their time at university and move on to the rest of their life, you might want to have your Sim move into San Myshuno, the city that was introduced with City Living. It's the perfect place for a young Sim to start their post-grad life and find themselves. But first, you'll need the perfect apartment for them to move into.

To see 10 gorgeous apartment builds for your Sim to move into after graduation, keep reading!

10 The Glamourista Apartment

This apartment was built by Tumblr user Vicarious-Sims and was built for 18 Culpepper House in the Spice Market, home of fun events like the Spice Festival and the Flea Market. For Sims that want to live somewhere that is more on the eclectic side and within walking distance of a super fun karaoke bar, this neighborhood is perfect.

And this glamorous apartment is great for a modern Sim that's got some serious style. This apartment has one bedroom and one bathroom, perfect for a single Sim that recently graduated and is just getting their life started.

9 An 18 Culpepper House Renovation

Built by LaurenPlays on Tumblr, this apartment is another renovation of the apartment located in the Spice Market's 18 Culpepper House. This apartment is really fun to live in and super easy to customize to fit a variety of different types of Sims.

This apartment has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, meaning that if your Sim met someone special while away at university (or even before they enrolled), then they can move into this apartment together. Or, that spare bedroom can be turned into a room for their favorite hobby!

8 An Eco-Friendly Apartment

This plant lover's abode is located at 920 Medina Studios in the Arts Quarter of San Myshuno. It has two bedrooms and one bathroom, making it perfect for a couple or for a Sim that wants an extra room to use for their favorite hobbies.

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This eco-friendly apartment has a green and brown color scheme with potted plants all over the place for decor. The apartment's color scheme and plants make the apartment perfect for a Sim that loves nature, plants, and totally trendy home decor.

7 An Uptown Apartment

Located in Uptown San Myshuno, this apartment was built to fit perfectly in 1010 Alto Apartments and uses no CC. It has four bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, making it a really great apartment for a group of Sims or even for a young family to move into. This apartment is definitely a bigger, more upscale apartment, so it's one that is best for multiple Sims to move into - unless they got an amazing career out of university.

It has a large, open living space and a totally massive kitchen, perfect for all the parties that your Sim will be having with their new friends from university.

6 The Beauty Guru's Apartment

Built by AKLSimmer, this modern apartment has a neutral color scheme with some fun pops of color throughout the apartment. It's perfect for a Sim that is really trendy and is totally into decorating their apartment in a really fun way.

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It was built to fit perfectly in 1310 21 Chic Street, an apartment located in the super chic section of San Myshuno, known as the Fashion District. It has one bedroom and one bathroom, so it's perfect for a single Sim or a young couple. But, there's plenty of space to invite over their new university friends.

5 A Witchy Abode

This apartment is one that is perfect for The Sims 4: Realm of Magic, but it's also great for a Sim to move into after they finish their time at university. It was built to fit perfectly in 19 Culpepper House in the Spice Market.

This apartment is a really cozy, slightly cluttered up one that looks like a young witch recently moved in and made it their dream home. It has one bedroom, one bathroom, and a garden filled with a ton of plants. Whether your Sim is a Spellcaster or just has an eclectic style, this apartment is too cool.

4 Two Story Apartment

This spacious spot is perfect for a Sim that found the Sim of their dreams while at university and is looking to settle down and start a family with them right away. Or, it could be great for a group of Sims that became best friends and are looking to move to San Myshuno together.

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This two-story apartment was built for 702 ZenView and had three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It has a massive kitchen, a ton of space to hang out, and some entertaining and colorful decorations.

3 720 ZenView Apartment

Built by ZebraFizz on Tumblr, this apartment is a two-story apartment that was designed to go into 702 ZenView. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, making it perfect for a group of Sims that are looking to move to the super trendy Fashion District in San Myshuno.

This apartment is super spacious, and it's decorated with a ton of fun, bright colors. That makes it perfect for someone that recently left university and is just starting in their adult life after graduation.

2 A Spice District Home

Built to fit perfectly in the Spice District, this bedroom has two bedrooms and one bathroom. It was built to fit in 18 Culpepper House and is totally free of all CC.

This apartment is one that's a little on the smaller side, so it totally feels cozy and inviting to live in. Even though it's not massive, it's perfect for a newly graduated Sim that just moved to the city to start their life as an adult.

1 A Cozy Apartment

This apartment is a super welcoming, cozy apartment that was designed to perfectly fit into the spot at 19 Culpepper House. It has three bedrooms and one bathroom, so whether you've got a group of roommates, a couple of Sims trying to start a family, or a Sim that just wants some extra space, this apartment is perfect.

This apartment was decorated with a slightly more wintery touch, so it's perfect if you have Seasons and your Sim finishes university during the winter. But, even if you don't, the decorations can be changed to fit any season.

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