‘SimCity’ Central Train Station Showcases Game’s Modding Potential

By | 3 years ago 

Although it’s been nearly 7 months since the launch of SimCity, it appears some of the game’s biggest changes are just now on the horizon. Mod support, an offline mode, and a new expansion are all reportedly in the works, with the expansion set to hit in about a month. And while a new expansion, featuring futuristic cities, is exciting, mod support seems to be the biggest talking point as of late.

While Maxis has teased the potential for mod support in SimCity, they have yet to publicly explain how it will all work. Specifically, Maxis has not revealed what about SimCity‘s infrastructure will be mod-able and what potential modders will have access to.

Regardless of that, though, Reddit user oppie85 has shown off a proof-of-concept mod for SimCity, which introduces a Central Train Station into the simulation city. Oppie85’s concept is based around a similar mod they made for SimCity 4, but now has a look that is similar to the structures in the most recent SimCity.

The modder admits that the design of the Central Train Station is a little rough around the edges, but they hope that with Maxis’ designated mod tools they will be able to up the detail and scope. We think, for a first attempt, the Central Train Station design is solid, but see for yourself below:

Not only is oppie85’s design impressive it will add a new layer of functionality to SimCity if and when mod support goes live. With the Central Train Station, players will presumably be able to ship more people to nearby regions. Granted, the region concept is one of SimCity‘s major downsides – a contributing factor towards the launch failure of the game – but something that eases the pain will surely be welcome.

For now, however, the Central Train Station is merely a symbol of potential mods for SimCity, and not necessarily a sign of what’s to come. Maxis has yet to announce how they plan to implement User Generated Content (if and all), but they continue to tease UGC is coming. The same goes with an offline mode for SimCity, but that’s another matter entirely.

The good news is that Maxis is in the midst of active discussions with their player community over how best to introduce mods and how to police them as well. We’ll keep you posted when Maxis shares more about mod support, and if any more interesting mods like oppie85’s pop up.

What do you think of the Central Train Station? What types of mods would you like to see added to improve your SimCity?

Source: Reddit