Sim TV? Will Wright Takes On The Boob-Tube

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Will Wright, legendary sim game creator, is taking his first foray into the world of television with the show “Bar Karma.” Exclusive to Current TV, this series will allow fans to actually join in and help create upcoming episodes via a virtual TV studio dubbed: “Current TV’s Creation Studios.”

Could this be one of the unannounced projects that Will Wright talked about back in March? And can Wright make his gaming magic work on the small screen?

Known for games of epic scale, Wright has brought us such ground breaking titles such as SimCity, The Sims, and Spore to name just a few. Wright has also won a ton of awards including being dubbed “One of the 100 People who are Changing America” by Rolling Stone. Wright’s games are groundbreaking, and have the sales records to prove it, with over 100 million copies sold of The Sims alone. I am a huge fan of Wright’s work, having played his games since 1989. I have not missed the launch of any of his titles, and I have to say, I am intrigued by this "interactive" TV idea. But how will it work?

According to Mark Rosenthal, CEO of Current TV, the plan is simple:

The technology that Will has invented empowers viewers to participate, but also provides direct communication to me and my production team. We will be taking our cues from the viewers, working with them and then quickly producing high quality, original content. This is truly a paradigm-changing project that will showcase the creativity of the general public in shaping a television series.

If Wright can pull this off, he will have created a truly interactive television experience.

The process is set to take place in four key stages of production: joining, creating, voting, and producing, and it really does look like the majority of the viewers really will be in control of making this show come to life. It is quite an exciting idea similar to that of an old "choose your own adventure" book.

What do you think? Silly idea? No way it can work? Or maybe you have an undying faith in the brilliance of Will Wright? Speak up, and share your thoughts with us Ranters, we want to know!

Bar Karma (as it is currently dubbed - the name may change) is poised to hit the small screen in the first quarter of 2011.

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