Silicon Knights Working to 'Develop The Next Generation of Gaming Systems'

Silicon Knights Developing New 3D Game Development Engine

When the topic of forward-thinking, innovative, developers comes up, Silicon Knights is likely not the first name that one might bring up. While they have made a name for themselves as a strong game developer, their reputation isn't fitted with out-of-the-box game design ideas. Despite this, it may not be long before Silicon Knights becomes a key name in the bringing-about the future of gaming.

On July 14th, the St. Catherines developer received funding in the ball park of $3 million from the Ontario government. The funding is to be used in order to develop new technology which will also create 80 new jobs within the company. The new technology that Silicon Knights is working on should be of special interest to gamers.

Silicon Knights is currently in the process of designing on a new game development engine based around 3D technology - which they state will improve upon the existing audio, video and camera systems in current 3D games. Through the use of these tools, they plan to help "develop the next generation of gaming systems and become a self-sustainable, self-publishing company."

While it's clear that Silicon Knights isn't jumping into the console development market to compete with the big three, there's little doubt that 3D technology will be a large part of the next generation in gaming. Whether it's the recent rumors regarding the Xbox 720 and PS4 or the already announced Wii U, many gamers are eagerly awaiting a more effective implementation of 3D within the industry.

According to Dennis Dyack, Silicon Knights' President,

"With Ontario government support, we are better-positioned to further develop the 8th Art of video games. This will enhance our competitive edge within the highly-competitive video game market, help us become a self-sustainable, self-publishing entity, and allow us to enter lucrative global markets."

Whether you think 3D technology can be used effectively in gaming or not, this is exciting news indeed. While the company has already made a name for itself with titles like Eternal Darkness and the more recent Too Human, it will be interesting to see what this Canadian publisher is able to achieve with their new-found government funding. As time goes on, and provided they can develop a strong project, Silicon Knights could become a major player in the next generation of game consoles.

In addition to this, it's also interesting to see governments taking an interest in the gaming industry - and helping it prosper. There is no doubt that this trend will increase over time, but the fact that video games are receiving such wide acceptance really goes to show how much the medium has changed over the past few years. It's an exciting time for the industry, as the next couple years could hold some major changes for it. Like always though, only time will tell.

What fan-favorite game franchises would you like to see get an innovative Silicon Knights 3D treatment? Are you excited to see governments supporting the development of the gaming industry?

Source: IndustryGamers

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