‘Silent Hills’ Petition Surpasses 50,000 Signatures; Konami Yet to Respond

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It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Silent Hill fans, as they watched Konami and Hideo Kojima slowly uncouple from any and all projects. At the moment Kojima’s name was removed from Konami products, most of the focus was on Metal Gear Solid 5 and how that imminent game would be impacted by the separation. However, many also kept Silent Hills in the back of their mind, wondering whether the exciting Kojima/Del Toro collaboration might be cancelled.

It took a little longer for fans to get their answer, and unfortunately it wasn’t a good one. Silent Hills is cancelled and whatever effort Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro contributed to the game is likely lost forever.

Before Konami’s statement, news of Silent Hills’ rumored cancellation spread in such a way that fans didn’t know how to process the information. First, Guillermo Del Toro made a claim the project was cancelled, but some interpreted his quote as him sharing disappointment over Kojima’s removal, not the game actually being axed. Then actor Norman Reedus echoed Del Toro’s sentiments, but it seemed he didn’t have any more information than Del Toro.

So for a day or two the project seemed to potentially have life; that is, before Konami stepped in and said Silent Hills was cancelled. As a result, fans were left in a pretty unusual state.

While many fans typically take a cancellation as a bitter pill that eventually gets swallowed, many Silent Hills fans refuse to do so. As we’ve reported on previously, a small contingent of fans started a petition to save Silent Hills from cancellation and give it to Del Toro and Kojima to work on again. Well, the contingent used to be small.

Silent Hills Del Toro Continue after Kojima leaves Konami

Since our earlier report, the Silent Hills petition has grown in immense popularity, to the point it now accounts for over 50,000 signatures. Clearly fans are disappointed to see Silent Hills cancelled and they hope that this petition will do something to change that.

Chances are, though, the petition is unlikely to bring Kojima back on the project. The Metal Gear Solid developer’s relationship with Konami is anything but friendly at this point, and the last thing he likely wants to do is work with Konami. His relationship is so strained that Kojima didn’t even accept an award for his game, despite it being a pretty prestigious honor in the Japanese development community.

But, this petition could convince Konami that there is a ravenous Silent Hill fan base out there that are just dying for a new game. They might see this as a sign to not put Silent Hill on the backburner, but to fast track another iteration. Hopefully that game will have the same level of talent attached, but Kojima and Del Toro seemed like a one-time pairing.

Source: Change.org