‘Silent Hills’ P.T. Demo Can’t Be Re-Downloaded, Truly Gone Forever

By | 1 year ago 

It’s been a rough for weeks for Silent Hill fans. First, the project was sent into development turmoil when Konami announced a separation from developer Hideo Kojima. Then, things got worse when the publisher confirmed Silent Hills, the exciting new reboot in the franchise, had been cancelled.

At the very least, though, there was one shining light in the form of P.T., short for Playable Teaser. P.T., for those who might not know, was a demo of sorts, built specifically for Silent Hills hype. And for all intents and purposes it worked.

However, even P.T. was not to make it through the Silent Hills cancellation unscathed. Since the playable teaser was promotion for a game that would never exist, Konami decided to pull it from the PlayStation Store early last week.

The good news was that any who had already downloaded P.T. would not see their demo disappear. After the delisting from the PS Store, no one else could download the demo, but any who had done so were in the clear. Or at least, we thought they were in clear.

Turns out, the P.T. demo delisting also included a complete removal of the download file. Meaning that even those players who previously “bought” P.T. will no longer be able to re-download the playable teaser. The file is completely wiped from Sony’s servers.

PT Delete Page

Sony claims gamers can re-download P.T., but they can’t.

This is obviously not too surprising considering Konami’s clear intent to distance itself from P.T., but many did not expect the file to disappear completely. There are plenty of digital titles that have been delisted from the PS Store but remain available for download, but clearly P.T. is not one of those games.

So, while the thought of gamers selling their PS4s on eBay with P.T. installed might have seemed crazy at first, chances are those consoles will become that much more enticing. We doubt too many Silent Hill fans will pay upwards of $1,000 for the chance to play a demo for a game that will never exist, but there may be some diehards out there.

Whatever the case may be, the most disappointing thing to come from all of this is the fact that Silent Hills suffered as a result of Konami and Kojima’s displeasure with one another. P.T. was something truly special and had hype for the Silent Hill franchise higher than it’s been in quite some time. So, we hope those who cherished the demo got their downloads in while they could; for everyone else P.T. is but a memory.

Did you expect the actual P.T. file to disappear from download? Did you install the Silent Hills demo file in time?

Source: Polygon