Konami Confirms 'Silent Hills' is Cancelled

Silent Hills Del Toro Continue after Kojima leaves Konami

Horror fans, prepare to be disappointed. It seems that the latest casualty of Hideo Kojima's dispute with Konami is the hotly anticipated Silent Hills. The game's much-praised playable teaser had many convinced that the finished product was a classic in the making, but we'll perhaps never know whether it was to deliver on its huge potential.

The status of Silent Hills has been in question ever since rumblings of the gulf between Kojima and Konami started to make headlines. With last week's awards ceremony no-show — at an event where the Silent Hills demo was to be honored — the project seemed to be in some jeopardy.

However, up to this point, Konami had been steadfast in claiming that the project wasn't set for the chopping block — even if Kojima's name had been removed from promotional materials. Still, the situation seemed too messy for production to go on as planned.

Over the weekend, other figures involved with the project began to make their own comments on the development. Hollywood director and Silent Hills collaborator Guillermo Del Toro was quoted as confirming Kojima's exit from the game, stating that he was heartbroken about the state of affairs.

Silent Hills Open Street

Norman Reedus, the Walking Dead actor set to lend his likeness to the game, also tweeted about his disappointment to hear that Silent Hills wouldn't be going ahead. Reedus' popularity led to him being noted as a source on the project's cancellation, which may have forced Konami into an official statement.

That word came earlier today, making it quite official that we won't see Silent Hills in its current form. Konami maintains that the franchise will continue, and talks with both Kojima and Del Toro are ongoing, but the prognosis at this point doesn't look good.

The venerable Silent Hill series has been around since 1999, and has produced some of the most critically acclaimed survival horror titles ever made. However, in recent years the franchise has had less success, with spin-off titles and a disastrous HD collection failing to maintain its spot among the big hitters of the video game industry.

Silent Hills seemed to be the ideal revival for the series, with some personnel on board and a playable demo that had people talking. It seems that outside issues have stopped progress on what could have been a great game — let's hope that Metal Gear Solid V isn't negatively effected by the ongoing strife over at Konami.

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