Konami had made some notable missteps in recent years, but it’s difficult to fault the studio for Super Bomberman R. The throwback title was released as a launch title for the Nintendo Switch, and capably delivers a refined version of the series’ tried-and-tested gameplay.

Konami deserves a lot of praise for the post-launch support it has given Super Bomberman R. As well as fixing bugs and other balance issues, the studio and co-developer HexaDrive has also added a considerable amount of all-new content to the game.

This week marked the release of Patch 1.4, which adds four new stages to the game; Classic Conveyor Belt, Panic Factory, Plain Floor, and Desert Fort. Even more exciting is the introduction of three new characters, each flying the flag for a different Konami franchise.

pyramid head bomber

Vic Viper makes an appearance on behalf of Gradius, outfitted with a special boost ability, while Simon Belmont is on hand to represent Castlevania — not to be confused with Trevor Belmont, the protagonist of the upcoming Netflix series. However, the most interesting addition heads to the game from the misty streets of Silent Hill.

The horrifying Pyramid Head is widely considered to be one of the most unsettling video game enemies of all time, but he’s considerably less spooky in terms of appearance when it comes to Super Bomberman R. In fact, he’s rather cute, even if his great knife weapon is still pretty fearsome (not to mention his special ability, which allows him to instantly kill any player that he touches.)

Even on a system with access to top-tier multiplayer experiences like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and ARMS, Super Bomberman R more than holds its own. If Konami continues to update the game, it will surely go down as one of the must-own titles for anyone who wants to play the Switch with friends.

Super Bomberman R is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Konami